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Re: [Slovak-World] re: Putting an end to it.

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  • smudsville@yahoo.com
    Helen s statements were fair use and NOT copyright infringement. The only way she would get into trouble is if YOU personally saw to it that she received a
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      Helen's statements were "fair use" and NOT copyright infringement.

      The only way she would get into trouble is if YOU personally saw to it that she received a letter from an attorney which means nothing in this case which further displays what kind of a person YOU are.

      You could have dropped this 20 posts ago, if you were being as principled as you claim. But since you didn't no one believes your propaganda, but you.

      I am here to study the slovak people. You make slovakians look mean...dlb

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      And I have right to say what I am saying, again in hopes that you guys get it.

      She should thank me for suggesting it, as the
      next suggestion perhaps my be from the
      publisher's lawyer and there could be several,
      for copyright violations over the time.

      I still feel that when anybody copiers someone
      else work and puts it public on any group, they should quote the author.

      You see I read some of her posts and said to
      myself, boy this lady is really good.

      Doing all this work for so many, just because she wants to. That's great.

      Then I noticed the book marks. And in my library
      here, it wasn't hard to find the book and then
      the articles too see what she was doing.

      This wasn't right and I made a suggestion and some of you went off.

      That is your problem and your right.

      And this is my last word in reference to this as I have better thinks to do.

      Regarding someone's question about drinking and
      typing and communicating with this group:

      We opened a bottle of red Australian wine Yellow
      Tail Shiraz with the dinner yesterday and 3/4 of
      the wine is still in the bottle. Now you know how much I drink.


      At 06:57 AM 2/6/2011, you wrote:
      >I belong to a Rusyn group who had a couple of malicious people who acted the
      >exact same way that 'Vladi' is acting. The moderator finally cancelled their
      >memberships to the group.
      >I was lucky enough to meet Helen at the dinner
      >the night before the Pittsburgh
      >Slovak festival last year. She is a kind, gentle, intelligent woman. Anyone
      >who puts her down, for any reason, hasn't had
      >the fortune to meet her. She has
      >posted the citations to the text she is providing and was gracious when I
      >emailed her asking for more information about the book.
      >Regardless, this has gone on long enough. If
      >this doesn't end, I will leave the
      >group. I have learned much from it but there is enough stress in my life, in
      >all of our lives, to tolerate it. It should
      >have been taken off-line, not in a
      >public forum.
      >Where is the moderator? If the moderator doesn't want to/isn't able
      >to moderate, then he/she should appoint someone who will.
      >Cathie Vargo McAdams Mentor, OH
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