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  • Fedor, Helen
    I m sorry, I thought that it had appeared in an earlier (maybe way TOO early) piece of text that these were medicinal oils. And as to why it developed in
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 23, 2010
      I'm sorry, I thought that it had appeared in an earlier (maybe way TOO early) piece of text that these were "medicinal" oils. And as to why it developed in Turiec, someone who knows more than I will have to answer that. The author never did say anything about that.

      All opinions my own

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      Thank you for the clarification. The oil man statement did not make as much sense to me prior to your statement of ¨oil of plants for healing.¨ After your clarification, Helen´s statement makes more sense to me. Fascinating topic. Thank you both.

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      > Hi Helen - intrigued by the reference to Turiec "oil men".
      > I know of a settlement in Krive Roh Ukraine near the Russian border where a
      > Slovak community flourished. It wasn't oil as we know the fuel but oil of plants
      > for healing
      > Â
      > Not so long ago these itinerant healers were studied by Slovakia and also their
      > remedies. It's really a fascinating story. You wonder how they knew what worked
      > - was it generations of trial and error? And why did this all develop in Turiec?
      > What was the impetus?
      > And then for the peddlers  to take off for the corners of the world at a time
      > when travel took a lot longer than some hours on an airplane. It's amazing and
      > i would love to know more.
      > helene
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      > During their historic peak, individual tinkers from Turiec went to the Asian
      > part of Russia, Turkey, Asia Minor, Persia, Kamchatka, China, and England. Like
      > other tradesmen, oilmen also had their own centers abroad: Amsterdam in western
      > Europe, and Warsaw in the eastern part of the continent. About 3,000 Turiec
      > oilmen from some 40 villages would leave for a wide variety of countries. Some
      > authors have pointed out parallels with the Ölträgerei, who had been known in
      > Austria since the 16th century, and with German traveling folk doctors in the
      > 16th and 17th centuries.
      > However, while these German doctors focused only on their own country, Slovak
      > oilmen also traveled abroad. In Russia, in the 17th and 18th centuries, there
      > were already itinerant folk doctors called kostopravy [sing. kostoprav (bone
      > setter)], who cured both humans and animals. In addition, there were also a
      > large number of other itinerant traders, including ofenii [sing. ofeniia
      > (peddler, huckster)], raznoschiki [sing. raznoschik (peddler, hawker, barrow
      > boy)], and prikazchiki [sing. prikazchik (shop-assistant, salesman)]. Slovak
      > oilmen were called We,gier [Hungarian man] in Poland, and austriacki poddany,
      > we,gier z urodzenia [Austrian retainer, born as a Hungarian].
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      > This will be the last bit of text I'll send out until the new year, as I'm going
      > to take off some time and won't have the book with me.
      > H
      > All opinions my own
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