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  • votrubam
    ... It must be the whole Kingdom of Hungary. ... Ditto. ... Pomery = situation, conditions. ... Certainly, note that that s exactly what they re talking about.
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2010
      > artisans in [what is today?] Hungary

      It must be the whole Kingdom of Hungary.

      > [the territory of modern-day?] Hungary was also dependent
      > on Slovakia's more-than-150-year-old neighbor


      > More-stable relations [between whom?]

      Pomery = situation, conditions.

      > [producers of smoked-meats?] produced many regional
      > specialties (i.e. Kos~ice ham, Spis~ sausages

      Certainly, note that that's exactly what they're talking about. The word was _u'dena'r_, there were no pork specialists -- why would there have been -- a butcher handled all meat; it was the type of products and the process of smoking that needed special skills and different kind of premises than a butcher had.

      > numerous mainly in the mining towns of central Slovakia [why?]

      They were the richest, among the largest, and self-governing towns were simply concentrated there. Banska Stiavnica, for instance, was the 3rd largest town in the Kingdom for a time. They should have mentioned Spis too, but they may have thought its eastern, main urbanized part "kind of" fitted under Central SK.

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