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Re: [Slovak-World] Ports of Entry

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  • Helen Fedor
    I just now ran across this book while looking for something else on the Web:
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 29, 2009
      I just now ran across this book while looking for something else on the Web: < http://books.google.com/books?id=SHM12rk4h0cC&dq=%22mark+stolarik%22&printsec=frontcover&source=bl&ots=hZxWMh4OIX&sig=W6O5d6VCByj8-ZTtVYCynN57Mis&hl=en&ei=469wStky1a-2B5fO4P0N&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2 >. The table of contents gives a list of the ports. Mark Stolarik is a very highly respected scholar of Slovak studies and holds the chair of Slovak History and Culture at the University of Ottawa.


      >>> Paul Wolsko <pwolsko@...> 7/28/2009 4:11 PM >>>

      I have not checked into that, but I surely will and thank you for that info. Matter of fact, they had a model of Castle Garden at Ellis. Hope this finds you well.


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      Hello Paul: Not spending too much on Slovak World or any other world (no time or too damn many junk emails) Did you check out Castle Garden in New York. That was a port of authority, I think, before Ellis Island????????????
      Miner Dave
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      Though certainly most immigrants in the early 20th century came in through
      Ellis Island, (especially those living in the northeastern/eastern US) I
      don't think that all imigrants came through there, which makes searching
      for relatives tough if you don't know which port they came through. Some
      of those whose destination was Texas or nearby states farther west might
      have come through Galveston, and I think some people on the Atlantic coast
      came in through Baltimore. My Grandfather was tough to find...he came
      through Portland, Maine in 1923 (lived in NE Pennsylvania). My Uncle who
      came 2 years before plus my Grandmother (1929) and step-Grandmother (1938)
      came through Ellis Island. We only talked to my step-Grandmother about
      it, since she was the only one still alive when we were interested in
      family history (guess that's usually how it works, you don't get
      interested until the "primary sources" are no longer around to ask).

      We though it was odd that my Grandfather came through Portland ME since it
      seems that very few immigrants came through there, but some apparently
      did...I would guess he found passage on some ship that wasn't primarily
      for passengers (maybe cargo?) and it was going to Portland but not to New
      York...so that's where he entered the US. He also got confused when
      trying to meet up with my Uncle...he ended up in Kingston NY (not
      Kingston PA, where my Uncle was)...guess he didn't know that you had to specify the
      state since many towns have same name in other states...fortunately
      they're not that far from each other.

      We've not been to Ellis Island, just to their online site (and other
      sites, plus found much info on microfilm at LDS center). We know what you
      mean my having problems finding out information from other relatives, most
      of my relatives still live in Slovakia, and though we have a pretty good
      relationship, they don't seem to be as interested in family history, and
      though they will tell us what they know when we ask them, there are still
      a lot of gaps.

      Sorry this probably comes after your visit to Ellis Island, hope it was a
      good one, and that you might have found out some useful information about
      your family.

      Thu, 23 Jul 2009, Paul Wolsko wrote:

      > Since we live relatively close to New York City, we're taking a trip to Ellis Island tomorrow - I figure it would be a nice day trip. However, both my (sets of) grandparents came over before Ellis Island went into operation. I did a little investigation some years back, but became disillusioned when I hit many roadblocks, and possible relatives slammed the phone down on me regardless how I tried to explain the info I sought - thought I was trying to sell something which I, of course, was not. Hell, I could have given them my wife's great Pirohy Recipe.
      > Awhile back, someone told me that, prior to Ellis Island, ports-of-entry were Philadelphia and Baltimore. Anyone know of this is true? And does anyone know if there is any effort to render these records online?
      > Best regards,
      > Paul Wolsko
      > Hopatcong, New Jersey
      > p.s. Miner Dave, I hope you're still out there.
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