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Re: [Slovak-World] RE; Who's Alice

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Looks like you got your wish. ... From: ALICE Subject: [Slovak-World] RE; Who s Alice To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com Date: Friday, July
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 11, 2009
      Looks like you got your wish.

      --- On Fri, 7/10/09, ALICE <aly2256@...> wrote:

      From: ALICE <aly2256@...>
      Subject: [Slovak-World] RE; Who's Alice
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, July 10, 2009, 6:53 PM

      Hi Group-

      This letter is in reference to a post dated 5/17/2009, message #2642. In the post there was abit of commotion and upset regarding an invitation to MY LIFE, basically a people search site. I myself, was invited by a friend, and after accepting, I thought, wow, how cool, maybe I can use this site to find some old friends. I guess that's where the problem started.

      On 5/14/2009, as I was people searching the site,I noticed a button that would allow me to add a contact and another button that said Import Address Book. Hmm... well, I choose import address book, which apparently meant my entire address book, of which Slovak World is a part. Although I did make an attempt to repair the damage, it was to no avail, many, many people still received the invite, including my x-husband and his new wife. I am sure they were thrilled, although I haven't heard fom them as of yet.(lol) They must be busy.

      I want to truly applogize from the bottom of my heart - it was an innocent mistake, as Donna M. so correctly thought in the beginning. Please forgive me. I have been a lurking member since 2007 and have truly enjoyed and learned from all of you, even Valdimer Linder. (lol). I would never knowingly misuse the site in any way.

      Also,shortly after, my slovak-world e-mails were stopped. (last e-mail,dated 5/17/2009). I would love to be reinstated.

      Best regards - Alice (aly2256)

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