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RE: [Slovak-World] Coal Mining in America 1908 3 Novels in English re Slovak life in the coal mines

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  • Lou
    This trilogy by Alvena Seckar is back in print: S Uctou, Laci Bolchazy ... From: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 18, 2009
      This trilogy by Alvena Seckar is back in print: <slovakculture.org> S Uctou, Laci Bolchazy

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      Thanks. I'm going to forward your message to my nieces & nephews who have
      it *WAY easier *than their great-grandfathers did 100 yrs ago!!

      On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 12:54 AM, Ron Matviyak <amiak27@...> wrote:

      > A friend sent a PowerPoint presentation on "OldAmerica.pps" with a
      > great series of quality photos of coal mines and coal miners in
      > America back then. With so many of our grandfathers in the mines in
      > the early part of that century, I think several of you will be
      > interested in seeing what life and conditions were like back then.
      > Happily a search revealed a website with the presentation on line, so
      > we don't have to tie up bandwidth for people not interested in the topic.
      > If you can open Power Point presentations, then try
      > http://www.forest-of-dean.net/downloads/Miscellaneous/Old_American_Coal_Mining_Photos.pps
      > If you prefer to look at the presetnation is PDF format, go to
      > http://www.forest-of-dean.net/downloads/Miscellaneous/Old_American_Coal_Mining_Photos.pdf
      > Both presentations are from
      > http://www.forest-of-dean.net/downloads/index.php?path=Miscellaneous/
      > look for Old_American_Coal
      > I cannot comment on anything else that may be on that page, I haven't
      > checked it out.
      > Enjoy, Miner Dave!
      > Ron

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