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  • Scott Mikusko
    Facebook is easy and convenient. I wasn t a big social networking user, but it keeps me in touch with many friends and family. I connected with a lot of
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 2, 2008
      Facebook is easy and convenient. I wasn't a big social networking
      user, but it keeps me in touch with many friends and family. I
      connected with a lot of cousins. Granted FB is overwhelmingly high
      school and college age kids, the past year many 'adults' have joined.

      For professionals, the counterpart site is LinkedIn.com, but that's
      more business networking.


      On Nov 2, 2008, at 7:54 AM, fbican@... wrote:

      > Dennis is entirely correct. An account on FaceBook is easy to set
      > up, and free. I skipped the options for age, high school, college,
      > and city. I like searching it, but I'm not keen about putting too
      > much personal information publicly out on the 'net. That might
      > limit my contacts, but so be it.
      > Laskavy prosim,
      > Skeeter
      > -------------- Original message from "Dennis Ragan"
      > <dragansk@...>: --------------
      > Facebook is what's called a "social media" website. It's designed for
      > people to connect with each other and share ideas, photos, video,
      > whatever. It's similar to MySpace, but its participants are on
      > average a little older -- members are mostly their 20s and 30s, but
      > there are also lots of others who are older.
      > Basically you just set up an account that's linked to an email
      > address. You provide information about yourself, a picture, etc. As I
      > recall, it will ask you for your high school, college and city
      > information, then will show you people whom you might want to have as
      > Facebook "friends." I have connected with several old classmates this
      > way. You can also search for people by name.
      > Some Facebook participants may choose not to accept you as a friend.
      > Others have their accounts hidden so that they can't be found because
      > they want to share have as friends only those they know and want in
      > their group. The thing about Facebook is that when you have a network
      > of friends there, you basically share everything you choose to share
      > with all your friends in the group.
      > I've been on Facebook for about 9 months. I just posted some of my
      > photos from my recent trip there, and allowed the friends in my group
      > to see it.
      > Another aspect of Facebooks are its groups. There are numerous groups
      > on all kinds of topics, includia Slovakia and related topics. The
      > groups are similar to discussion groups, except that I don't believe
      > you can have messages sent to your email (I could be wrong about
      > this). There are people from of all over the world on Facebook,
      > including many Slovaks.
      > For me Facebook is more for the younger crowd, but it's still an
      > excellent medium for everyone for discovery, sharing and finding
      > people. I recommend trying it.
      > Dennis
      > --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, Claudia Medvik <cmmedvik@...>
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      > > I know this sounds dumb, but how does facebook work??
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      > > Claudia
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      > > To: Slovak-World@...: ksisitka@...: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 06:37:04
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      > > Yes, Facebook is a great tool. I have found 3 of my distant cousins
      > in Slovakia.Also found a cousin that I had lost contact with in the
      > States.On 30 Oct 08, at 12:05 PM, Elaine Chromeck wrote:> I joined
      > facebook recently--not intending to use it for genealogy > research,
      > but was surprised to find the nephew of one of my > relatives. Since
      > he's on the younger side he writes English very > well and was most
      > excited to having been located. facebook could be > a good resource
      > for others searching for family.>> Elaine>> [Non-text portions of this
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