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Re: [Slovak-World] July Flooding (2008) in Eastern Slovakia

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    Bill--Thank you for that link. Lots of good information there. He s one more that might be of interest to some,
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      Thank you for that link. Lots of good information there. He's one more that might be of interest to some,


      As best as I can determine, Bratislava (where my paternal grandmother was born in 1890) was spared from the flooding.

      Grandma came to the US in 1898, and and dutifully learned English, but the was still fluent in Czech, Slovak, and Polish. I wish I had that talent. She passed away some years ago at age 96. I should be so lucky to live that long! I can speak a bit of broken Spanish, French, German, Polish, Czech, and Slovak, but I'd be lost without the internet dictionaries.


      Najlepšie pozdrav (I hope I got that right!)


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      If you have interests in any of the following villages or environs,
      you should read on.

      Stará =ubovHa, Bardejov, Prešov, ir , Livov, Livovská Huta, Kríže,
      Spišská Nová Ves, Bardejov, Poprad, Nižná Šebastová, Novoveská Huta,
      Fintice and Fer ekovce

      EASTERN and northern Slovakia were hit by five days of severe floods
      that started on July 23.
      Torrential rains caused flooding in the Stará =ubovHa and Bardejov
      districts, killing two people, leaving dozens of villages without gas
      and power, and washing away bridges. Near Prešov, the floods almost
      caused the Sigord Dam to overflow.
      The nationwide damage has been estimated at hundreds of millions of
      crowns, prompting non-governmental organisations, especially the
      Ekopolis association, to question whether adequate flood control
      measures were in place.
      The fatalities occurred in the village of ir , in eastern Slovakia's
      Stará =ubovHa district. A 41-year-old man and his 33-year-old sister
      were swept away while trying to protect their property from rising
      flood waters.
      In the Bardejov district, 36 villages with between 200 and 500
      inhabitants each were left without gas and power. Some of the
      villages, including Livov, Livovská Huta, and Kríže, were completely
      inaccessible for days.
      Roads and cellars were also flooded in villages around Spišská Nová
      Ves, Bardejov, and Poprad.
      Prešov declared a state of emergency on July 23, when the Sek ov River
      spilled over it banks and inundated the roads between the villages of
      Nižná Šebastová and Fintice.
      In the Poprad district, the floods caused a mudslide near Ždiar, a
      village in the foothills of the Tatras.
      Prime Minister Robert Fico and Interior Minister Robert KaliHák
      inspected the affected regions on July 23.
      According to Peter Klein, the head of the Spišská Nová Ves emergency
      rescue team, flood waters from the Holubnica stream damaged the local
      zoo and sewage water treatment plant.
      The situation has calmed down over the past few days, he told The
      Slovak Spectator, but he noted that flood alarms are being kept at
      crisis levels because rescues are still underway in the parts of town
      called Novoveská Huta and Fer ekovce.
      "The riverbed is clogged with debris up to two thirds of its height,"
      he told the Spectator.
      "The inhabitants of the affected areas have been informed of measures
      aimed at preventing the spread of infectious diseases through
      contaminated water and food."
      Klein said that flooding occurred because the riverbeds were unable to
      absorb such extreme, prolonged downfalls.
      "We had hoped such a situation would not occur," he said.
      Klein said much of the country is at risk of flooding.
      "Because of climate change and the destruction of forest fauna that
      absorbs rainfall," he said.
      Mária Hankovská, the head of the flood commission in Bardejov, also
      confirmed that several villages in the Bardejov district were still in
      a state of emergency.
      "Lives are still in danger there," she said.
      Most roads have been cleared and embankments reinforced, she said, but
      the road between Livov and Livovská Huta was inaccessible until July31.
      "Only military vehicles can get through," Hankovská said on July 30.
      She said the floods had caused panic.

      "When we first arrived, the villagers acted like they wanted to hang
      us," she said. "The emotions were that strong."
      But the mood has calmed, she said. The people have enough drinking
      water, food, and sanitary items. The damage to the area has not been
      assessed yet, but Hankovská put it at more than Sk200 million.
      "There is devastation – sewers, ducts, houses, roads, bridges," she
      told The Slovak Spectator.

      Source: Slovak Spectator Aug 4, 2008

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