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: Germany to Slovakia

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  • Gergely
    Over ten years ago, we flew from Frankfurt to Budapest on MALEV, then picked up a Hertz rental we had reserved, an Escort size Ford, and drove to Kosice.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2008
      Over ten years ago, we flew from Frankfurt to Budapest on MALEV, then picked up a Hertz rental we had reserved, an Escort size Ford, and drove to Kosice. Lufthansa handled the MALEV flights out of Frankfurt in the old terminal (A) back then..
      We did a lot of sightseeing through Hungary (Gergely Mtn, naturally) and were in Kosice for dinner. It was a very nice drive, about 150 miles, I think, through some nice countryside. Miles and miles of sunflowers in bloom in the fields.
      The trip and connections were virtually seamless that long ago, so should be real nice by now.
      About the only down side was driving around Slovakia with Hungarian plates.
      Jack Gergely
      Newport News

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      Russ, rent a car at one of the airports (we did at Wien/Vienna) -- then drove across Slovakia to the eastern area -- as you probably know from prior travels, watch for the destination city of the highway -- not the Route # or exit, they do it differently -- once you are on the secondary roads, look for a teeny tiny black sign (slightly smaller than a mile-marker post we're accustomed to) -- to verify you are on the right route.

      You could take a train or bus as well, but driving is fairly easy, let the suicide NASCAR drivers pass you by and you'll be fine. All the Slovofnast (I probably misspelled that) stations -- look for bright yellow flags) sell great atlases and stickers (you'll need to purchase a highway toll sticker). Let me know if you happen to be in the area between Kosice and Trebisov, I'll alert my cousins and they can show you a nice meal and a fun time in my ancestral village.


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      Good to hear from you again and thanks for the info. I've still got
      a few months to figure it out. Ideally, I'd like to spend all my
      time in Eastern Slovakia. Hopefully, I can get there without too
      much trouble.

      Fortunately, I didn't have to go throught CRC at Benning. I did
      everything at my home post.


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      > Hi Russell,
      > I don't think there is a lot out of Frankfurt except to Vienna and
      > Prague. You might want to check out the discount airlines (not so
      > much of a discount nowadays) such as German Wings
      > (http://www.germanwi ngs.com) or Sky Europe. On my first trip there
      > flew from Stuttgart to Vienna (German Wings), transferred to
      > Bratislava via bus, stayed over night then rented a car to drive
      > Once into Vienna you can take the transfer bus to the Bratislava
      > airport then take Sky Europe to Kosice. There are also flights from
      > Munich to Vienna you might want to look at.
      > In August my wife and I will go from Rome - Bratislava (RON) then
      > SkyEurope the next day to Kosice. The plane arrives too late from
      > Rome to catch the last flight of the day to Kosice.
      > Just got back from CRC at Fort Benning. Met 7 new employees
      > processing for overseas.
      > R/Bill
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      > >
      > > Hi, Everyone!
      > >
      > > My time here continues to be boring albeit with doses of
      > > sprinkled in. Anyway, I have a question for you. On my return
      trip, I
      > > will be traveling via Germany. I would like to stop there and
      take a
      > > side trip to Slovakia. Any idea on the costs? Would it be
      better to
      > > fly out of Munich or Frankfurt? This is my first chance to
      return to
      > > the 'holy land' since '06 and I'm not going to pass it up!
      > >
      > > Oh, I've posted some more pics on my site that you may or may not
      > > enjoy. Thanks in advance for the info.
      > >
      > > Russ
      > > http://travldawrld. blogspot. com/
      > >

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