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Re: [Slovak-World] Stewed Beefburgers

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    this sounds really, really good!? i d be tempted to try it out in the slow cooker!! ... From: johnnadzam To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , May 3, 2008
      this sounds really, really good!? i'd be tempted to try it out in the slow cooker!!

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Stewed Beefburgers

      Hi Everyone!

      I'm a 70 year old neophyte in posting group messages, so please bear

      with me.

      Here's a great tasting and easy to prepare recipe for stewed burgers.

      I first tasted this dish in late 1955 when I hired in the J&L Steel

      Works Wire Mill in Aliquippa, PA at the young age of 18.

      The fellow who cooked the dish for us was Andy Liptak (Slovak)who is now

      deceased. It was a pleasure to have known and worked with this fine


      Following are the ingredients needed:

      * Ground Beef

      * Large Sweet Onions (Sliced)

      * Green Pepper (If Desired)

      * Ketchup (Medium Size Bottle...I prefer Heinz)

      * Water (Fill the Empty Ketchup Bottle)

      * Salt & Pepper To Taste

      Let's get started...(1) Form the ground beef into patties. Add a little

      salt & black pepper to the meat, or if you desire, some flavored bread

      crumbs . (2) Slice the onions and cover the bottom of the pot with at

      least 1 inch of sliced onions. You can never have too many onions for

      this dish. (3) Lay the beef patties on top of the sliced onions and

      cover with another layer of sliced onions. You can add another layer of

      patties and again top with more sliced onions. (4) Empty entire contents

      of the bottle of ketchup over the top of the burgers and onions. Use a

      larger bottle of ketchup if you add another layer of patties. (5) Fill

      the empty ketchup bottle with water, shake and add contents to the pot.

      You don't need much water as the onions will put out plenty of liquid as

      they cook. (6) Place a lid on the pot and simmer over a low flame until


      Hints: Use a heavy pot and place a heat dispenser under the pot to

      prevent burning the contents at the bottom. This is also a great dish

      for the slow cooker or crock pot.

      Although not necessary, some green pepper and a bay leaf can be added to

      the pot.

      Just wait until you smell and taste this dish along with a salad, mashed

      potatoes, and Italian bread.

      Take care everyone.

      John J. Nadzam

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