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    Got back last week from the short trip to Bytca Slovakia to visit family and get some work done on our newly acquired apartment. It was very cold there and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
      Got back last week from the short trip to Bytca Slovakia to visit
      family and get some work done on our newly acquired apartment. It was
      very cold there and I got sick on the plane ride over there. After
      going through the circus airport called Frankfurt where we almost
      missed our plane we arrived and it was good. We still had a 3 hour
      drive from Vienna but it was easy compared to the running around and
      barely making the second flight to Vienna.

      Lots of visiting with family and its easy to feel cooped up inside
      when its so cold out. Its hard to even go out for a walk sometimes. It
      snowed the day we arrived and it looked nice but the cold was very
      bitter. – 14C. That's really cold for me from California.

      I had the flu and was not feeling too well so I spent little time
      running around. Most time was spent working on the flat and visiting
      indoors with family. Seemed like this time of year , everyone there
      has a persistent cold or cough. Everyone was on some kind of meds
      including myself and I welcomed whatever they recommended.

      The scenery with the snow is nice and we went for some walks in the
      woods where the majority of the group drank Slivovica and ate candy.
      They said it really feels good to warm one up from the inside when its
      cold out.

      Spent some time talking to my father in law's mom who always talks
      about things she saw before WW2. She told us a story about one night
      before the war began it was a full moon out and as the women form Mala
      Bytca were walking down the main road praying at night they saw a
      cross which was formed with the light. She reiterated that she was not
      telling us a made up story and she also said that the war started
      shortly after and she believes that what they saw was a sign of things
      to come.

      While there the energy of the Serb / Kosovo issues sprang up and was
      the talk of the town. People were divided on the topic and being
      American I strayed from the talk of politics. Americans are not the
      most liked around Europe right now and I realized this. People are not
      afraid to express their feelings of Americans and I can't blame them.

      On a lighter note the US Dollar is getting significantly weaker as we
      slide towards 2009 and then in Jan 2009 Slovakia will change to using
      the Euro. This will be good for the people but most people I spoke to
      said they believe the cost of living will go up and they are worried.
      The older people really don't want the Euro change because they know
      the Korun all of their lives. They are afraid that like in Slovenia
      switching to the Euro, people who own businesses will try and
      capitalize on the less knowing and jack up prices to make a bigger
      profit before people clue in better to the exchange rates and get used
      to using the Euro. Either way the USD is weaker than it was when I
      first started going there and soon I am afraid we'll need sponsors to
      go over there: )

      We will be going again in December in 2008 and I look forward to it. I
      have posted some photos and will post more soon. Thanks!!
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