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Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Hungary in WW I

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  • LongJohn Wayne
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    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 4, 2007
      So you are back in the Capitol.

      --- Paul Guzowski <pauguz@...> wrote:

      > Greetings All,
      > Dame Rebecca West's book "Black Lamb and Grey
      > Falcon" which was written
      > in the interwar years has a good section on the
      > origins of the war and
      > what life was like in the southern part of the
      > Austro-Hungarian empire
      > as WWI erupted and evolved. Paul Lendvai's book,
      > "The Hungarians: A
      > Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat," does a pretty
      > good job of covering
      > what was happening in Hungary during the "Great War"
      > and thereafter. I
      > don't recall that it talked much about village life
      > but does give a
      > good, objective account of Hungary's involvement in
      > the conflict. Of
      > course, the Trianon Treaty which changed the
      > political boundaries of
      > that part of Europe is covered well and gives good
      > insight into the
      > psyche of those who felt their country was carved up
      > like a Sunday
      > roast....
      > Paul in Bratislava
      > Homebase in Carlisle, PA, USA

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