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Re: [Slovak-World] PNC Bank Arts Center Slovak Festival, 9/23

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  • jenna-m
    I have to say that as a first-time attendee...I had a wonderful time. Drove up to Holmdel with my mother and sister for the day...actually drove up the night
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      I have to say that as a "first-time" attendee...I had a wonderful time. Drove up to Holmdel with my mother and sister for the day...actually drove up the night before to have a sort of "mini-get-away" then spent the day at the festival.

      We did stay for the music and the dancing which I thought were fabulous.... really excellent. Stopped by one of the booths to buy a CD or two before leaving. Very early on in the day I noticed two "Slovakian embroideries" similar to the style that went up on Ebay afew weeks ago...and when I went back later...they were gone.

      The weather was simply magnificent...and so it made for a great day. But I did wonder why we were outside the periphery of the PNC arts center...and wondered how the facility might have offered better seating for such a large crowd.


      mkoeller <bkoeller@...> wrote:
      To those of you who attended yesterday's Slovak Festival in Holmdel, did anyone else feel as disappointed this year, as we did? While the festival organizers are to be commended for a) drawing a HUGE crowd and
      b) inviting excellent groups such as Limbora and Vychodna, I feel that the event may have outgrown the venue on the lawn at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Seating for the entertainment was under a big tent, but this was not nearly large enough to accommodate the crowd, and the sound system was not big enough to carry the speeches and music. Even President Gasparovic was there, but we could not hear a word he said. [Perhaps the free admission had to do with the size of the crowd, and this wasn't a typical year.] The entertainment was about 40 minutes behind schedule besides. We left before the dance groups even started - - to stay would have been a waste of time, sad to say.

      On the brighter side, the Mass with Archbishop Sokol of Trnava was wonderful. We were present when the Archbishop said Mass at the festival a number of years ago, and that was a very moving event. We met him in Trnava in 2000 when Helene Cincebeaux arranged dinner at his residence as part of her Pilgrimage Tour.

      The food was overall better than in the past - - much greater variety (even Zlata Praha from Astoria, Queens, NY was there). http://www.zlatapraha.cc/main.htm The weather was picture-perfect, and it should have been a perfect day. Does anyone know why the theater at the Arts Center isn't used for the Slovak Festival, as it used to be? Too expensive?? There is a fine stage there and much better seating.

      Barbara Koeller

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