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Re: [Slovak-World] reducing vineyards

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Lil: Love your signature tag line. Chuck ... http://www.slovaksun.com/index.php?go=novinka_detail&id=750 ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2007

      Love your signature tag line.


      --- Lil Junas <povetzlil@...> wrote:

      > Here's an example of why many Slovaks don't like
      > being part of the EU.
      > Decreasing the area covered by vineyards should
      > remain at growers'
      > discretion, European Commissioner for Agriculture
      > and Rural
      > Development Mariann Fischer-Boel said in Skalica
      > (Trnava region) on
      > Thursday. The EC is planning to reduce the amount of
      > land devoted to
      > vineyards because it believes that much of the
      > surplus wine is being
      > grown solely for subsidies from Brussels. A
      > corollary problem is that
      > the surplus of wine in Europe drives overall prices
      > down.
      > EU Commissioner for Agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel
      > stated at a press
      > conference in Skalica, that Slovakia will be allowed
      > to keep 25
      > percent of the sugar quota, which the EU allocated
      > to the
      > sugar-producer Eastern Group. The producer decided
      > to close some of
      > its sugar mills in central Europe and leave
      > Slovakia. Its annual quota
      > in Slovakia was 70,100 tons of sugar. Agriculture
      > Minister Miroslav
      > Jurena is, however, concerned that no one would be
      > interested to take
      > over that part of the quota.
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