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[Slovak-World] Re: Finding a Hard to Find Slovak Book

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  • Helen Fedor
    Actually, Greg, we don t use Dewey numbers (even though each book is assigned one during the cataloging process), we use LC classification numbers, but I get
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2007
      Actually, Greg, we don't use Dewey numbers (even though each book is assigned one during the cataloging process), we use LC classification numbers, but I get your drift.

      Page 110 has 9 drawings entitled "Coats of Arms of Slovak Landed Gentry in 14th [sic] Century: Erby slovenskych zemianskych rodin". The families whose coats of arms are shown are: Jezernicky (Turiec), Holly (Trencianska), Marikovsky (Spis), Okolicanyi (Liptov), Hadik (Zemplin), Bernolak (Orava), Klinovsky (Orava), Rudnay (Nitra), and Ivanka (Turiec).


      >>> "Gregory J Kopchak" <greg@...> 08/01/07 10:42 AM >>>
      I passed the message to Barb.

      The Library of Congress has a big advantage over me.

      You use the "Dewey Decimal System".

      I use the "stick it in a box and put it in a storage locker" method.

      I am curious as to what is on page 110 and how Barb knew the info was
      on page 110.

      Greg Kopchak
      It's All Relative

      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "Helen Fedor" <hfed@...> wrote:
      > Hi Greg,
      > The Library of Congress to the rescue! I have the book sitting
      right in front of me. If you'll give my email address <hfed@...> to
      Barb, I can ask her if she'd like a scan of p.110 or a paper copy.
      > Many libraries (if not local ones, then regional ones), subscribe to
      a database called "FirstSearch", which is a countrywide database (that
      includes some foreign libraries too) of library catalogs. It's
      absolutely wonderful to have this info at your fingertips. While we
      can't order things via ILL for patrons, we can tell them who has it so
      that their own library can order it (subject to the library's
      borrowing network).
      > Feel free to direct library and/or book questions to me in the
      future. We have a wealth of resources.
      > H
      > >>> "Gregory J Kopchak" <greg@...> 07/28/07 12:01 PM >>>
      > Barb posted at Genealogy Czech and Slovak........
      > I am searching for a copy or a library that has a copy of "The
      > National Slovak Society, 19 Regular Convention Book" printed in or
      > from Youngstown, Ohio 1946. Any help would be appreciated....... Barb
      > She is looking for information on page 110.
      > ==========================
      > My reply was........
      > Can someone help?
      > I know there is an internet utility that will find a book in a library
      > and if you register and enter a zip code it will find the CLOSEST
      > library with a copy. Darned if I can find the URL.
      > This is a small printing book that is hard to find. My grandfather
      > worked on the book and most copies went to NSS members and many are
      > now hidden or lost in a closet of the next generation or two.
      > When I say hard to find, I'm not kidding. I can't find my copy but I
      > did turn up some other interesting books from the era in my search for
      > the Convention book and if I get motivated, I may put some great
      > articles on line.
      > Barb can also contact the NSS and see if they can photocopy page 110.
      > I have a link to them at www.iarelative.com/nss1946
      > Greg Kopchak
      > It's All Relative
      > ----------------
      > Can someone help?
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