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[Slovak-World] Re: Poles mistreated in New Orleans

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  • Helen Fedor
    Emily, Nice to see you ve expanded beyond television. ;-) H ... Oh, those kind of poles. Well, that s very different. Never mind. Emily Latilla
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 20, 2007
      Nice to see you've expanded beyond television. ;-)


      >>> "cvargacvarga" <colinvv@...> 02/18/07 1:36 PM >>>
      Oh, those kind of poles. Well, that's very different.

      Never mind.

      Emily Latilla

      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, David <humblebe@...> wrote:
      > Greased poles? In Summit Hill, PA, when they had a festival they
      > greased a pole. This is Saint Gabes Festival, an Italian church but
      > they did grease poles. But these poles weren't Poles they were smooth
      > wooden poles, like a telephone poles where they used to tie on the
      > top of the pole, a bottle of whiskey, ham, carton of cigarettes, and
      > some money. Now, they greased the poles from the bottom to the top of
      > the pole. The gifts were an incentive to climb up and get the
      > goodies. Impossible to do, without a lot of help. You would get
      > volunteers to climb on the shoulders of the first guy, then another
      > and another. It wasn't easy. These poles were high. In time, because
      > with constant trying to climb the pole, the grease would get removed
      > on the volunteers clothing. Sooner or later, they got to the top and
      > shared the loot. Was this something that was done in Italy? I don't
      > know, but they did it for years. They don't do it any more. Is this
      > the poles they greased down there in New Orleans.? Is this a part of
      > Mardi Gra celebrations? Let's hear more.
      > Miner Dave
      > At 10:56 AM 2/17/2007, you wrote:
      > >I just heard on the radio about Poles being greased in New Orleans.
      > >I think every Slovak
      > >should see this as a hate crime and that it could happen to them and
      > >write to the mayor of
      > >that city. I know Polish people and they aren't stupid and they
      > >should be treated with respect
      > >just like anyone else.
      > >
      > >Emily Latilla
      > >
      > >
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