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Re: [Slovak-World] Non Slovak Again

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  • David
    Hello everyone: Thanks for your help and suggestions. One thing about Slovak World is that we are sort of like Slovak, Brothers and Sisters. Yes, Paul there
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 23, 2007
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      Hello everyone: Thanks for your help and suggestions. One thing about
      Slovak World is that we are sort of like Slovak, "Brothers and
      Sisters." Yes, Paul there is a lot of stuff I want and I don't want
      to send it too la-la land before checking it out. Some of these
      characters out there, surely have ruined email as we once knew it. It
      is a shame!
      Thanks again to all who emailed me on Spam. I guess it is a loseing battle.

      At 05:55 PM 1/23/2007, you wrote:

      >The company for which I work has spent a lot of money on spam
      >interdiction. To date, the effort has not been worth the effort - it
      >still gets in. Remember that spam eliminators are not infallible,
      >and there's a risk that you'll be filtering out stuff you want. Some
      >people hit the button on spam that says "Unsubscribe Me" - that's
      >the worst thing possible to do. If you give it a few days to
      >propagate, you'll find more spam than ever. Reporting agencies are a
      >joke, and the laws (if any) are rarely enforced and difficult for
      >courts to interpret, especially when much of this stuff is hosted
      >offshore, where our laws do not extend. NEVER, EVER bite the hook
      >for one of those free spam utilities they offer online - they
      >usually install spyware and other malware on your computer that are
      >exceeding difficult to remove, when you become painfully aware that
      >you made a big mistake.
      >What I did was to set some rules in my mail client that looks for
      >certain keywords (i.e. Viagra, etc). Once you get used to doing
      >this, and it does take some effort and inspection of the spam you
      >get, I find it equal to or better than the stuff you can purchase.
      >Just my opinion.
      >Paul Wolsko
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      >From: David
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      >Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:39 AM
      >Subject: [Slovak-World] Non Slovak Again
      >Hello Slovak Knowledgeable Computer Experts:
      >I know, you too are getting inundated with spam and junk mail. I no
      >sooner learn how to rid some of them, and they come up with new
      >phoney subject lines and who it is from. Of course, I hit the delete
      >key, but my finger is getting worn out!
      >What is the best spam program?
      >Problem is, it probably gets rid of stuff that I'm interested in but
      >how do I separate the good from the bad. Of course...what is good spam?
      >Any help in this matter will be appreciated. All messages will come
      >through because I don't have a spam eliminator. The Nigerians, Lotto
      >winners, penny stock (real pain in the butt) phoney drugs, all the
      >major banks plus phoney ebay, checking out for discrepancies. Of
      >course, I don't answer any, never did...but they are getting out of
      >hand. HELP!
      >Mine Dave
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