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Re: [Slovak-World] Medved and bears

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    ... Well, Claudia, if it were to be a female bear, it d be medvedica, but that s derived from the basic word for bear, -- _medved_. To match the diminutive
    Message 1 of 17 , Jan 30, 2003
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      >The name for teddy bear, macko/maco, how is it pronounced? And the correct
      >pronounciation of Medvedik? And where did the Slovak people come from? I
      >don't think they were there during Roman times?
      >Claudia Medvedik (or Medvedka?)

      Well, Claudia, if it were to be a female bear, it'd be medvedica, but that's derived from the basic word for "bear," -- _medved_. To match the diminutive _medvedik_, you'd have to say "mala medvedica" (small female bear). 8-) A woman's last name today would be Medvedikova. However, _medvedka_ is quite logical and sounds really cute. I'm sure many in Slovakia would remember you with a smile for ever, if you say, e.g., "this is Mr. Medvedik, and I am..."

      The pronunciation is approximately maco [mahtso]; macko [mahtsko]; medvedi'k [medvedeek]; medvedica [medvedeetsah] -- the [e]s sound as in _bet_, [ee] as in _beet_, and the second [d] is "soft," there's nothing very similar to it in English, but the English [d] is close enough. The stress in on the first syllable.

      The older meaning of _mac(k)o_ was "the chubby/fleshy one," also used as a substitute name for the bear.

      During the Roman times, the Slovaks' (and other contemporary Slavs') ancestors lived in what's Western Ukraine, Belarus, and perhaps Eastern Poland today. They were farmers. Slavs started spreading, slowly, to much of Central Europe and the Balkans, and began to reach what's Slovakia today roughly after the year 550, perhaps decades later.

      There are a few specialists who assume that the Slavs may have lived in Central Europe and the Balkans much longer, even by several thousand years. But Slovak archeologists/historians go with the prevalent view.


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