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Re: [Slovak-World] Ten years

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  • Caye Caswick
    Because of our HIPPA laws (those are that no one is entitled to your medical history, records or information) -- my priest has literally had to ask his
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2006
      Because of our HIPPA laws (those are that no one is
      entitled to your medical history, records or
      information) -- my priest has literally had to ask his
      parishioners to put him on an "approved visitors list"
      before he is allowed into hospitals, nursing homes and
      the Veterans Hospitals to administer communion and
      bless his flock -- and to visit prisoners it's even
      more rediculous.


      --- Vladimir Bohinc <konekta@...> wrote:

      > 1. After some archives received films from the
      > Mormons and readers, their capacity was reduced from
      > 5 or more per day to two per day, so waiting times
      > are almost two months, which is ridiculous. Brno has
      > capacity of about 25 researchers at a time.
      > Slovak archives like this situation, because they
      > have less to work.
      > The archive of Bratislava, where the Jewish records
      > are is not accessible at all, since they moved to
      > new location. You have to order research.
      > 2. Privacy Law forbids release of data younger than
      > 100 years ( in Slovak case even younger than 1895,
      > which means civil records) to persons, which are not
      > members of the family. Nevertheless, there are
      > several church records, which go far beyond 1895 and
      > are accessible. The restriction concerns more civil
      > records, but if you go to the parish office, they
      > will also tell you about the law etc.
      > You have the same privacy laws in US. All countries
      > here have that. After 9/11, everything got worse.
      > 3.Yes, it is a change. Mostly because there are more
      > and more people going from door to door; some want
      > to sell something, some want to robb, some kill.
      > Therefore in Slovakia, where there are loudspeakers
      > in villages and many towns, the Mayor's offices are
      > warning people not to open the door to strangers
      > etc.etc. Imagine my feeling, I am standing at the
      > fence and talking to old lady friendly, but she
      > would not let me in because she is afraid I will
      > robb or kill her, so I have to open up my case on
      > the ground, take out the papers and talk to her. All
      > the neighbors see that and after I leave, they all
      > come and ask her what was this about and who I was
      > and what did I want. A stranger in a village is a
      > supsicious person. ( and I do not look like a Moslem
      > at all) This is where we got to with all this
      > "freedom". As in good old communist times, everybody
      > can now suspect everybody. I read, your situation is
      > not much better either.
      > While I was in Slovenia I found a even a booklet,
      > issued by the police with all the advices how to
      > handle the strangers, who come from far away places.
      > All for our security.
      > Sure, the most secure place is prison.
      > Vladimir
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      > From: J. Michutka
      > To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 3:13 PM
      > Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Ten years
      > Vladimir, I am wondering if you would elaborate on
      > a few of the items you
      > mentioned:
      > At 08:53 AM 10/6/2006 +0200, you wrote:
      > >- access to sources is obstructed as never before
      > obstructed by...gov't? for what reasons?--privacy
      > laws, capriciousness, or....?
      > >- privacy law is being observed
      > would you remind us please what the privacy laws
      > are? I seem to recall
      > that records (or some records) are not available
      > later than a certain date
      > (such as, birth records after 1920 are not
      > available for privacy reasons)
      > >- people hesitate to talk to strangers, be it on
      > the phone or at their gates
      > you say that this is a change. What is the reason
      > behind the change, do
      > you know? Are people becoming less friendly, or
      > more private, or are they
      > afraid of something?
      > Julie Michutka, always curious
      > jmm@...
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