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Re: [Slovak-World] Hi Cousins

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  • J. Michutka
    ... I suppose that s about right, but why did he pick the year 700? It s not like we don t have common ancestors before then......maybe that s to average it
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2006
      At 04:46 PM 9/19/2006 -02-30, you wrote:
      >Hi: I just attended a meeting about genealogy that was conducted by
      >some Mormon members. He said from about 700 AD all us members of the
      >human race are 40th cousins. Is this fact or fiction. It should bring
      >up an interesting array of comments.

      I suppose that's about right, but why did he pick the year 700? It's not
      like we don't have common ancestors before then......maybe that's to
      average it all out?

      Anyways, it's 1300 years since then, and figure between 3-5 generations per
      hundred years (average 4), and you get 52 generations....so 52nd cousins?,
      figuring from then, except many of us are closer cousins, so average
      it.....I'm sure there's some statistical formula....

      (Remember, for this kind of reckoning a "generation" is not how long a
      person lives, but how long between the birth of one generation and the
      next, which can be roughly between 15 and 50 years, but 20 to 30 years is a
      good working number for most time periods.)

      Interesting....and I already have sooo many cousins.....

      Julie Michutka
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