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Re: bus from Vienna airport to B'lava

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  • ssultonia
    To Julie, Helen and Vladimir, Thank you all for your great tips. Very useful information and I appreciate it tremendously. Regards, Bill ... you come ... you
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 27, 2006
      To Julie, Helen and Vladimir,
      Thank you all for your great tips. Very useful information and I
      appreciate it tremendously.

      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "J. Michutka" <jmm@...> wrote:
      > At 02:09 AM 7/27/2006 +0000, you wrote:
      > >Julie,
      > > Thanks again. Vienna airport to our hotel in Bratislava is exactly
      > >the route we will take. If you have any tips about taking the bus to
      > >Bratislava hlavna stanica to share I'd appreciate hearing from you.
      > >You can send to wasmore@... if you like. That way we don't tie up
      > >the Group with trivia that might not interest others. If anyone would
      > >like to chime in about taxi service in Blava - feel free.
      > I'll post this to the list, since a few people each year make the trip.
      > If you go to www.viennaairport.com and click on the British flag, it'll
      > switch you to the English version of the website. Click on "at the
      > airport", then "interactive map", then "level 0; arrival level". This
      > will show you a sketch of the ground floor, and you will see that
      you come
      > right out of customs and walk out the door to busses. Just before
      you exit
      > the doors to outside, on the right, is a bus office. We just walked in
      > there, asked politely if they spoke English, and purchased tickets
      for the
      > next bus to Bratislava. (There is a link for a bus company on the
      > website, but it appears to be a different bus company; dunno where
      > office is.) The cost of an adult ticket from the airport to Bratislava
      > main bus station was 9 euros a month ago, from that particular bus
      > plus 70 euro cents per item of luggage checked, paid directly to the
      > driver. (Get some euros at your local bank before you leave; it's
      > easy and handy.) I've taken the bus from VIE to Bratislava twice; I
      > haven't tried the trains; but I like that with the bus I don't have to
      > struggle to get a large heavy suitcase onto a train and then have no
      > place to put it, nor check it into some other part of the train that I
      > can't see. With the bus, I give it to the driver and he immediately
      > it under the bus.
      > In 2002, we caught the bus at noon-ish on a very hot day. It was
      > (a sports team of some sort came out of the airport shortly after
      us, and
      > there weren't enough seats on the bus, but fortunately another bus
      > up right behind), and the bus didn't have a/c, and some of the other
      > occupants had obviously been working at the airport in the heat. Two
      > at the border, at each of which they collected all our passports and we
      > waited, sweltering, for what seemed like quite a while as they
      checked them
      > in the border control office and then brought them back to us.
      > Last month, another hot day, noon-ish. Air-conditioned bus, only a few
      > people. I think we only made one stop for the border, and someone
      came on
      > the bus and just looked at our passports as we held them out and
      then we
      > were off again.
      > Each time, we got a cab at the bus station and took it to our hotel.
      > My guidebook says that catching cabs on the street isn't common in
      > Bratislava. There are cabstands here and there.....or you can stop
      in a
      > hotel and ask for a cab, I did that. I don't know if it's polite or
      > but the times I've caught a cab I've approached them and told them
      where I
      > want to go and asked what it would cost. ("Dobry den. Idem do XXX.
      > platim?") Maybe have the location/address written down to show
      them. I
      > try to check the distance on a map before I talk to the driver, and
      have an
      > idea of what it might cost (based on previous cab rides) and what I'd
      > consider to be an outrageous charge. So far, I've had good luck
      with cabs
      > there.
      > There's my experience, for what it's worth!
      > Julie Michutka
      > jmm@...
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