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Big coference of youth ___: World Youth Forum

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    INVITATION World Youth Forum 10-15 August - Bucharest www.youth-policies.org office@youth-policies.org ========= General Data The World Youth Forum (WYF) is
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      World Youth Forum
      10-15 August - Bucharest
      General Data

      The World Youth Forum (WYF) is the annual international conference of youth that will bring together 140 young persons from over 35 countries. This event is organized on the occasion of the International Youth Day and its main themes shall be those specific to youth policies.
      The event shall take place over a five-day period, and shall include workshops, seminars, plenary sessions and case studies on various youth-related issues in the participant countries.
      The official language of the conference shall be English and all documents drafted during the conference shall be written only in this language.
      Click here to read more! www.youth-policies.org


      In order to participate at the World Youth Forum 2006 you have to be between 20 and 35 years old and have some experience in the field of youth policies.

      As seen above, we encourage the participation of young NGO's representatives.

      The maximum number of participants is 140 and there can only be at most 5 participants from every country.
      Timeline and fees

      1st - 20th June 2006: 79 Euros
      31 Euros through bank transfer and 50 Euros cash on your arrival
      21th - 30th June 2006: 99 Euros
      51 Euros through bank transfer and 50 Euros cash on your arrival
      Late Registration:
      1st - 15th July 2006: 119 Euros
      71 Euros through bank transfer and 50 Euros cash on your arrival
      If you have a legal mandate or represent a NGO that participates to this forum, you will recieve a 25 Euros discount and you will pay only 25 Euros on your arrival instead of 50 Euros.

      Go to web site to read more and download the application form


      Day 1 - August 10th
      • Participant arrival and accommodation
      • Dinner
      • Free Time
      • Welcome Party
      Day 2 - August 11th
      • Breakfast
      • Official opening ceremony of the Forum
      • Presentation of the participants
      • Youth as unlimited resource
      • Coffe Break
      • Youth, the engine of progress, inovation and positive change
      • Lunch
      • Workshops:
      • 1. Is there a conflict of generations? Arguments for and against.
      • 2. Mechanisms for convincing authorities on the importance of youth-related issues.
      • 3. The universal rights and obligations of youth.
      • 4. The drafting of a message for the youth of the world.
      • 5. The drafting of a message of the youth representatives to the heads of state and government of the world.
      • Dinner
      • National Party
      Day 3 - August 12th
      • Breakfast
      • Visit to cultural objectives in Bucharest
      • Fieldtrip - Dracula's castle in Brasov, Transilvania
      • Dinner
      • Romanian party - traditional Romanian music, Romanian spirits and wine
      Day 4 - August 13th
      • Breakfast
      • Presentation of seminar conclusions
      • The youth of today -the managers of tomorrow. Entrepreneurship and the youth.
      • Coffe Break
      • Youth inter-relating - Educational mobility
      • Lunch
      • Workshops- "How to?"
      • 1. How to participate in local decision-making?
      • 2. How to participate in national decision-making?
      • 3. How to participate in international decision-making?
      • 4. How to stimulate youth for an intense civic and political involvement?
      • 5. How to develop entrepreneurship among youth?
      • Dinner
      • Costume Party
      Day 5 - August 14th
      • Breakfast
      • Presentation of seminar conclusions
      • How can we fight world poverty?
      • Poster exposition: Let's fight poverty together!
      • Lunch
      • Workshops
      • 1. Why is the international World Youth Network necessary? Imagine a functional structure.
      • 2. Measures to be taken by the governments for a safer future.
      • 3. Establishing indicators for measuring the efficiency of national youth policies.
      • 4. Arguments for the drafting and implementation of a national youth policy.
      • 5. A society that separates itself from its youth, severs its lifeline.
      • Presentation of conclusions of Workshop 1.
      • Dinner
      • Party: Celebrate the World Youth Day.
      Day 6 - August 15th
      • Breakfast
      • Presentation of seminar conclusions
      • General Meeting : Delegation of responsibilities for the World Youth Network.
      • Coffe Break
      • Evaluation of the Forum
      • Official closing ceremony of the Forum and awarding of diplomas
      • Lunch
      • Departure of participants

      F. A. Q.

      • Who can participate to World Youth Forum 2006?
      Every student, young person or NGO member can participate to WYF2006, with the condition of having age between 20 and 35.
      • How many participants can be accepted from every country?
      There can be at most 5 participants from every country.
      • What is the fee?
      The fee depends on the period you are going to pay:
      • 1st - 20th June: 79 Euros
      • 21th - 30th June: 99 Euros
      • 1st - 15th July: 119 Euros
      If you are a NGO representative you will receive a 25 Euros discount.
      • How do I register?
      Fill in the form an you will receive all yhe details through email.
      • How can I pay the fee?
      Thorugh regular bank transfer.
      • Can I pay the fee on arrival?
      It is very important for us to have the number of participants and their names confirmed before WYF2006 begins. From our five-year experience in registering international participants to different projects we know that the best way to confirm somebody's attendence in the event is receiving the fee earlier. However, our pay system lets you pay 50 Euros on your arrival.
      • Do I receive an invoice for my payment?
      • I need a visa to enter Romania. Can you send me an invitation?
      Naturally, once you're a registered participant and you've paid the fee or a part of it, we're sending you the certificate of enrolement, i.e. invitation to WYF2006. This document is required to get the Romania visa.
      • Do you provide grants?
      We are offering a 25 Euros discount to all NGO representatives.
      • Do you reimburse traveling costs to Romania?
      Unfortunately we don't.
      • Does the fee includes insurance?
      No it doesn't. We recommend you buying insurance at your countries. Euro<26 and ISIC are quite attractive.
      • With whom I will be accommodated?
      You'll be accommodated randomly, we're trying to mix the nationalities. However, of course we are open for your suggestions, in case you'd like to be with somebody specific in the room. Either way, once you're accommodated it is possible to change the room, just notifying us about it.
      • Is it necessary to participate in all events during WYF2006?
      Yes, it is!
      • Do I receive an evidence of my participation to WYF2006?
      Every participant is going to receive a participation diploma.
      • Where can I find more informations about Romania?
      There are lots of places where you can find useful information about Romania
      • How much does things cost in Romania?
      We have beer from 0.3 Euros to 1.5 Euros, soft drinks from 0.3 Euros to 1 Euro, coffee at about 0.6 Euros, cigarettes from 1 Euro to 1.2 Euros, T-shirt from 3 Euros to 12 Euros and cabs at about 0.3 Euros/Km.
      World Youth Forum

      10-15 August, Bucharest

      Pro-Youth Association
      Main organizer of World Youth Forum 2006!,

      With consideration,
      Pro – Youth President
      Marian RUJOIU

      Go to web site to read more and download the application form

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