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Re: [Slovak-World] re: self introduction

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    If she is really experincing discrimniation becauseof national origin, then she shoul file a charge with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission becaue
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2006
      If she is really experincing discrimniation becauseof national origin, then she shoul file a charge with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission becaue such misconduct by employers has been unlawful since July 2, 1965, the Effective date of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. Not all Universities and Colleges are clean.

      From: Lil Junas <lil.junas@...>
      Date: Sun Apr 30 18:08:07 CDT 2006
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [Slovak-World] re: self introduction

      To Dausha,
      I'm curious about your comment that being of Eastern European decent is not
      helping your academic career. Why do you think this?  I've worked in higher
      education for about 25 years, both universities and small colleges, and never
      ran into this problem. In fact, at the college I just left, I took a class
      every other May term to Slovakia on a month's cultural media trip. Also worked
      closely with a Belarusian music prof and a Lebanese art prof on other trips.
      Is it the type of academic institution or another reason?  Just wondering. I'm
      surprised because many colleges today are so diversity conscious that they go
      out of their way to hire people of different ethnic, color, cultural and other
      Lil Junas

      >Dear Everyone,>
      >  Hi.  I'm a new group member and I thought I'd introduce myself.
      >  I came across this group via Helene Cincebeaux.
      >  Recently I was working with an audiotaped interview I conducted with a
      Slovak-American immigrant woman. She mentioned a family name I could not
      >  I did a Google search of "Slovak" and "genealogy" and I came across
      Helene's name. I emailed her and she told me about this group.
      >  My mother was an immigrant from Slovakia. My father was Polish. I've been
      to both Slovakia and Poland.
      >  I'm a relatively recent PhD and my dissertation focused on stereotypes of
      Poles and other Eastern Europeans in American culture, specifically in
      relation to intereactions with Jews.
      >  I have an article coming out in June in the Journal of Popular Culture on
      images of Bohunks in American movies.
      >  I also have some material on the web, including a bibliography to the folk
      art and architecture of Eastern Europe:
      And an essay on being a child of Eastern European immigrants:
      I'm finding that being of Eastern European descent and focusing on these
      issues is not helping my academic career! The market is pretty tight and I'm
      finding the job search pretty much impossible. Identity politics plays a huge
      role in academia right now and it is not in our favor. I've enjoyed the
      messages I've read so far, and I hope to continue reading and learning.

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