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Re: [Slovak-World] self introduction from a new member

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  • Caye Caswick
    Thanks Danusha and welcome, I enjoyed your essay -- made me remember a lot about my mom and hers. Caye ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 27, 2006
      Thanks Danusha and welcome, I enjoyed your essay --
      made me remember a lot about my mom and hers.


      --- Danusha Goska <dgoska@...> wrote:

      > Dear Everyone,
      > Hi. I'm a new group member and I thought I'd
      > introduce myself.
      > I came across this group via Helene Cincebeaux.
      > Recently I was working with an audiotaped
      > interview I conducted with a Slovak-American
      > immigrant woman. She mentioned a family name I could
      > not spell.
      > I did a Google search of "Slovak" and "genealogy"
      > and I came across Helene's name. I emailed her and
      > she told me about this group.
      > My mother was an immigrant from Slovakia. My
      > father was Polish. I've been to both Slovakia and
      > Poland.
      > I'm a relatively recent PhD and my dissertation
      > focused on stereotypes of Poles and other Eastern
      > Europeans in American culture, specifically in
      > relation to intereactions with Jews.
      > I have an article coming out in June in the
      > Journal of Popular Culture on images of Bohunks in
      > American movies.
      > I also have some material on the web, including a
      > bibliography to the folk art and architecture of
      > Eastern Europe:
      > http://www.iabsi.com/gen/public/art_and_arch.htm
      > And an essay on being a child of Eastern European
      > immigrants:
      > I'm finding that being of Eastern European descent
      > and focusing on these issues is not helping my
      > academic career! The market is pretty tight and I'm
      > finding the job search pretty much impossible.
      > Identity politics plays a huge role in academia
      > right now and it is not in our favor.
      > I've enjoyed the messages I've read so far, and I
      > hope to continue reading and learning.
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