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RE: [Slovak-World] border crossings (was "Rental Car crossing countires")

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  • Tom Flynn
    ... I think we also might have passed it (without knowing what it was) when we drove from Budapest to Kosice (not sure of the road number). Has anyone had
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 5, 2005
      On Sat, 3 Dec 2005, gergely wrote:

      > Hi Kat,
      > Gergely Mountain is in Hungary about 15 or so miles south of the Slovak
      > border on the highway from Kosice to Miskolek heading towards Budapest
      > (south of Gonc). It is on page 73 of the Podrobny Auto Atlas. It's not
      > high as mountains go, but is the highest in the area. You can see it across
      > the plain off to the west going down highway 3 / E71. I was going to claim
      > it, but figured the back-taxes would be prohibitive.
      > There are a couple of castles nearby, aincent ruins of Rejec, and a still
      > fairly intact castle called something like Boldogovara. I can't find it in
      > my notes right now, but the spelling is fairly close. I've never been able
      > to find any reference as to how the mountain got named.
      > Jack Gergely
      > Newport News

      I think we also might have passed it (without knowing what it was) when we
      drove from Budapest to Kosice (not sure of the road number).

      Has anyone had problems at a border crossing? This was where we got
      stopped by highway patrol almost 20 km after crossing the border into
      Slovakia, and told we had to return to the border (after just having gone
      through the crossing). They had asked to look at our passports, and
      had let us go through, but apparently we might have fit some "profile" (we
      did have a large Ford Scorpio station wagon with Swiss plates that we had
      picked up in Kloten earlier in the trip)...The sped off ahead of us back
      to the border, I drove cautiously back, and they asked to look at our
      passports again (there were 5 of us, my parents and sisters in the car),
      which they studied for awhile, then asked me to open the back cargo area
      of the wagon. We had previously stopped at a small grocery store in the
      next town after Miskloc to buy gifts (mostly alcohol) for our relatives
      (and I think my sister cleaned them out of a years supply of diet Coke,
      which she drank a lot of at that time)....so I was a bit concerned that we
      might have gone over our quota when crossing the border...the guard asked
      me to open one of the bags on top (it was my father's day bag...had his
      medication, and also instant oatmeal)....not sure what the guard thought,
      but I think he might have rolled his eyes, and waved us through (we were
      at the border another 20 minutes or so, though it seemed a long time since
      we didn't know what was going on)....then we turned around and drove on to
      Kosice. I later heard from a friend of mine (originally from Warsaw) that
      border crossings in the "old" days could take hours, and sometimes they
      would just about dismantle your vehicle looking for something, and then
      leave you to put everything back....I guess border crossings have gotten
      easier (mostly a "wave through" where they don't even want to look at your
      passports) but you might still have to be ready for something other than
      that (my mother and uncle were stopped on border between Poland and
      Slovakia on another trip, and had to pay some amount because they didn't
      appear to have the proper vehicle insurance paperwork, but this is the
      only other time I've heard of a non-routine border crossing).

      Tom Flynn

      I speak only for myself
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