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Re: Village name help needed

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  • amiak27
    After Helen s valiant attempt, I ll take a wild stab in the dark. If you separate the Szan from the Szanigy , as in removing the Hungarian prefix Szent or
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 24, 2005
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      After Helen's valiant attempt, I'll take a wild stab in the dark.

      If you separate the "Szan" from the "Szanigy", as in removing the
      Hungarian prefix "Szent" or Saint, you can try locating the last
      part phonetically .... Saint Nigy, Nagy, or some similar, even
      wildly similar phonetic combination.

      Good speculation, and good luck!


      > >>> vvalentine4@c... 10/21/05 4:28 PM >>>
      > Hi everyone,
      > Can someone give me some help with a town listed on my
      grandfather's ship's
      > manifest? He is listed as having been living in Szanigy, Hungary,
      or it
      > might be Szaingy. Could you tell me where it is now and if the
      name has
      > changed. This would have been in 1911. I finally broke down and
      > to Ancestry and there he is on the Philadelphia immigration
      lists. I knew
      > he had come through Philly and the ship, but hadn't gotten a
      > Things are looking up. Now I just have to find the elusive
      brother who also
      > came to PA. Found a photo of Paul (Pavel?) Hospodar and his
      unknown named
      > wife in my grandmother's old album, and it says the photo was
      taken at a
      > studio in Scranton, PA. No year listed, but hey, I never even
      knew another
      > brother came over.
      > Thanks for any help you can give me.
      > Vickie Hospodar Valentine
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