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Re: [Slovak-World] Fw: Povina (Kysuce)

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    Drahy Jan, May I compliment you on your English? It is pretty good. I believe you are offering to help me for $. I am indeed looking for someone to do some
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2005
      Drahy Jan,
      May I compliment you on your English? It is pretty
      good. I believe you are offering to help me for $.
      I am indeed looking for someone to do some research
      but I think because of my family's history I will need
      a professional genealogist. It is a very complex story
      and involves trying to solve a family secret which was
      rooted in something that happened (in the USA)to my gf
      over 86 years ago and which led to his death 76 years
      ago. I do have a letter from the archives in Byt*a
      giving me what they think is my grandfather's family
      but even they question what showed up in the records.
      So you see this search will be complicated and I need
      someone whose experience will keep the time down to a
      minimum, for I am retired and living on a fixed
      income. Also I am aware that the records needing to
      be searched may include the Hungarian language and an
      older Slovak version of the Slovak language.
      My grandfather was born in Povina to Andrej Fojtik
      and Anna Vojas. According to the archives he did have
      siblings. One brother Michael came to the US with my
      grandfather Stefan. Both Michael and Stefan died in
      the USA. Michael died without marrying and had no
      As to the other siblings I do not know who they
      married but I believe it is possible that there would
      be cousins
      alive in the area of Povina or Kiys Nove Mesta. We
      found an address in grandmother's notes which listed
      the name of a woman whose address was "Kiys Nove
      Mesta". Is "Kiys Nove Mesta" the same as "Kysucke N.

      It was kind of you to reply and I wish you God's

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      > Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 6:37 PM
      > Subject: Povina (Kysuce)
      > Hi Diane,
      > I am Slovak man from Zvolen, that is about 100
      > kilometers (about 60 miles)
      > from Kysucke Nove Mesto.
      > Povina is in North Slovakia in area of Kysucke Nove
      > Mesto.
      > You can see it in book "Nazvy obci Slovenskej
      > republiky".
      > Do you offer $ for Slovak too, who will go on
      > Kysuce (the whole region around Kysucke N. Mesto) ?
      > What exactly are you looking for in Kysuce ?
      > Do/did you still have there your granny
      > (grandfather) family ?
      > If yes, now there are only their children,
      > grandchildren.......
      > You must know, if they had brothe's or sister's
      > (this you can find out by writing to Slovak State
      > archive Banska Bystrica).
      > Do you know about them ?
      > Do you have letter from Slovak State archive Banska
      > Bystrica ?
      > Person, that shall search, must know the exact birth
      > date of your
      > grandmother and grandfather .....
      > Exact address, from which they left for USA
      > ............
      > If you do not have such information's, it could
      > happed that your cash will be wrong investment !
      > Jan from Zvolen, Slovak Republic
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      > From: "DIANE PERKINS" <nv_cracker@...>
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      > Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 10:25 AM
      > Subject: [Slovak-World] out of this furnace comments
      > and more
      > > Being new to this list and being curious by nature
      > (aren't all family history researchers? :>)), I
      > > ordered by inter-library loan the book "Out Of
      > This Furnace". I recieved an exact duplicate of the
      > > original publication. I really wasn't surprised by
      > the story of the book but rather by the intelligent
      > use of
      > > communication style to get across the transition
      > of generations and the historic time period each
      > > generation was placed in.
      > >
      > > Now researching my family's own story, I found my
      > grandmother and her husband living life much as Mary
      > > and Mike did. The living conditions resulting
      > from inhumane work schedules and conditions suffered
      > by the
      > > laboring man was the same for his counterpart in
      > life, the wife. My own grandmother cooked, washed,
      > packed
      > > lunches and cleaned for the boarders she and my
      > grandfather took in. Like the story their hopes and
      > > dreams became a nightmare after a few short years
      > leaving my grandmother to support her self, a small
      > > child and a toddler. My grandmother understood
      > English but for whatever reason, never spoke it
      > close to well,
      > > and while able to write her name and some words in
      > English, remained comfortable in her native language
      > > for her 84 years in this country. Her story is
      > still evolving as I research. The big mystery is
      > what
      > > actually happened to her first husband (my
      > grandfather). Of course there are the usual oral
      > > tradition stories passed down but none have been
      > confirmed. A check of the instituion he died at
      > > reveals that no records for him can be found.
      > This seems remarkable to me since he was in
      > residence there
      > > for ten years. It seems even more remarkable to
      > me that a relative on my grandmother's side is found
      > > according to US census records as being employed
      > at that same institution at the time he was there
      > and
      > > lastly because of the comments found on his death
      > certificate. While they have his name and address,
      > > city and state correct, the lines for names of
      > spouse, parents etc are filled in as unknown. Also
      > it is
      > > surprising because that is the only place where I
      > found the surname in this line to be spelled
      > correctly
      > > in a period covering 80 years. Than there is the
      > comment made on the death certificate that reads
      > "was
      > > delivered to in a demented condition and no
      > information could ever be secured from him". Not
      > > ADMITTED TO...but DELIVERED TO. He was just short
      > of his 35th birthday. Not an age for dementia. My
      > > grandmother told my mother that he died after
      > being kicked in the head by a mule, but I suspect
      > that was
      > > not the case as she also told her that she was
      > baby when he died. Acutally he died when my mother
      > was
      > > almost 15.He spent ten years in that institution.
      > She never knew that until I started researching.
      > There is
      > > more to this story, but that is its base. It is
      > because of that that I am trying to find a competent
      > > researcher for Povina which is, I am told close to
      > "Kiys Nov Mesta". It is Povina where my grandfather
      > > was born. I have a letter from the Slovak
      > archives which tells me about his birth, reported
      > siblings and
      > > his parents but I need more fleshing out. Of
      > particular interest is the name and address of a
      > lady
      > > found in my grandmother's notebook dated 1928. I
      > believe the lady was a sister-in-law and that a
      > > descendant of her family or from one of the other
      > siblings listed my have passed down what had
      > actually
      > > happened to my grandfather. My next step is to
      > see if I can find a way to access the archived
      > newspapers for
      > > the period of six months or so prior to my
      > grandfather's addmittance to the hospital. A check
      > of
      > > police records for that period would also be a
      > last resort. This all took place in Johnstown, PA
      > between
      > > 1917 to Feb. 1919. I am on a fixed income and
      > think that someone
      > > living in Slovakia would work best for me. At
      > least it would be affordable. I just can't pay
      > $20/hr or
      > > pay for someones trip to Slovakia and since I
      > don't read/speak Slovak...LDS records
      > notwithstanding,
      > > someone inside Slovakia who speaks English seems
      > to be the best way for me to go.
      > > Comments are always appreciated! :
      > >)Good luck to all of you on your own ancestral
      > hunts.
      > > Diane
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