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who is Anna Fojtik r. Lahutik?

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    Thank you all for your input. My grandmother s notes from 1928 (they were found when she died in 1995) contained the address for one Anna Fojtik r. Lahutik
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      Thank you all for your input. My grandmother's notes
      from 1928 (they were found when she died in 1995)
      contained the address for one "Anna Fojtik r. Lahutik"
      of Povina.
      My grandmother's first husband and my grandfather was
      Stephan Fojtik born Povina. His parents were Andrej
      Fojtik and Anna Vojtas. From the archives in Byt*a
      it is found that there were possibly 3 brothers:
      Stephan,Michael and Jan. Stephan married my
      grandmother here in the US and Michael lived with
      them. It was known in the family that Michael did not
      marry and died young. From the archives I know that
      there were 2 Anna Fojtiks born to Andrej Fojtik/Anna
      Vojtas and Andrej Ocsko Fojtik/Anna Vojtas. "Anna
      Fojtik r. Lahutik" could have been my grandfather's
      mother who perhaps remarried after her husband and my
      grandfather's father died or a widowed sister-in-law
      (Jan's wife?). It is known that my grandmother did
      not know the Fojtiks prior to meeting them in the US.
      Are there census, tax, city directories for Povina
      which could help me find out exactly who Anna Fojtik
      r. Lahutik was (period of 1825-1930)?
      Many of you appear to be extremely knowledgeable
      the culture, history etc of Slovakia and very fluent
      in the language. Sadly I am not. There is a mystery
      of major proportions involved in my story and I won't
      bore you with it. Some of you have suggested I write
      to the people I find with that surname in the area of
      (advice was to check the phone listings) but since I
      don't speak, read or write Slovak is that practical?
      I consider myself extremely lucky because I put a
      query out on a Slovak genealogy site for the area of
      and after two years got a reply from the man who has
      now become my friend. I have a small Eng/Slovak
      travel dictionary and use it as best I can but live in
      fear of
      saying something or doing something to upset this most
      generous and kind gentleman and his family. I tend to
      be a straight forward person and know my personality
      type can offend some people and try to guard against
      this happening between my friend and I.
      So any suggestions on how I should proceed from
      this point in my research? I might add I am doing
      this not just for me but mostly for my 90 year old
      mother who knew nothing about her father or his people
      and little about my grandmother's people and the life
      long reocurring nightmare that my mother has, the
      source which I believe is connected to her father's
      death. Can you imagine at that age, finding out that
      you have cousins in Kalava and maybe someone in Povina
      who may hold the key to mysterious circumstances
      surrounding the death of her father?

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