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Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Podrasky

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  • Caye Caswick
    I knew of Vojtko (a/s/a Voytko) family in Cleveland -- either of you want to share some info? They would also have been from N Hungary, now Slovakia.
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 25, 2005
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      I knew of Vojtko (a/s/a Voytko) family in Cleveland --
      either of you want to share some info? They would
      also have been from N Hungary, now Slovakia. Brothers
      Michael and John. They had a farm east of Cleveland.


      --- sandman6294 <sandman6294@...> wrote:

      > >You can't really go by that. There are Podrasky,
      > Rogatsky and Voytko
      > families in my home town. They all claimed to be and
      > were staunch
      > Hungarians. The first two families belonged to the
      > Jednota. The
      > Voytko family are very chauvinistic Magyars, yet 40
      > miles north
      > another Voytko family (not related) are strident
      > Slovaks.<
      > Ed, any Americans in them parts? ;-) Are you
      > disputing the fact
      > that the approximately three dozen Podrasky listed
      > in the Czech
      > Republic (population ~ ten million) online phone
      > book do not provide
      > irrefutable evidence for Podrasky Czechicity if not
      > Bohemianicity?
      > Would you settle for nationality?
      > The only Voytko I know retired to Florida so I
      > assumed he was Cuban
      > or Jewish or at least an ethnic Easterner. In one
      > of my more lucid
      > moments I pegged his ancestors as coming from
      > northern Hungary and
      > he wrote "You're right on in finding my connection
      > to N Hungary,
      > which as you know was at times Slovakia. In fact we
      > had a group of
      > Slovaks here on business late last year and they
      > insisted, when I
      > told them I was Hungarian, that I had to be Slovak.
      > My parents came
      > from what was at that time, N Hungary, in the early
      > 1900s. .....As I
      > get around more, I find more and more Voytkos
      > scattered around; some
      > who claim Hungarian, some who claim Slovak. By the
      > way, do you have
      > any connections in PA? That's where my parents
      > settled and where I
      > was raised."
      > >We have many Kovach families in my hometown and
      > they are all Slovak
      > while 20 miles north there are Kovach families that
      > are strong
      > Hungarians.<
      > Probably due to miscegenation. ;-)
      > >You cannot go by location either. My grandfather
      > and his brother
      > came from the Bardejov region of Saris County. Both
      > left the region
      > to mine coal. My grandfather came to America and his
      > brother went to
      > Hungary proper. So after WWI he was in Hungary, but
      > an ethnic Slovak.
      > After WWII many Slovaks went west to Bohemia and
      > Moravia for work.
      > Today some of the familiy still live around Bardejov
      > and some in
      > Moravia. I suppose some still live in Tattabanya
      > (then Banhida),
      > Hungary.<
      > Are you certain there isn't a closet Rusyn among
      > them?
      > >You cannot always establish ethnicity by a
      > phonebook . It all comes
      > down to the fact that people may have a Slovak,
      > Hungarian, Polish,
      > etc. name, but consider themselves of another
      > ethnicity even though
      > their name belies that fact. Why, because they were
      > raised to believe
      > that or they do not know any different.<
      > No disagreement there. Many choose a romantic or
      > prestigious origin
      > for their ancestry. I know of one who stated his
      > ancestors were from
      > Budapest just because he was told they came from
      > what was once a part
      > of Hungary and another who believed his grandfather
      > was Bohemian
      > (probably because he was from Czechoslovakia) when
      > he really was a
      > Rusyn from Circ. Of course there are those who
      > insist they've
      > tracked their peasant ancestors to nobility.
      > RU

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