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Re: Proverb time

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  • Martin Votruba
    ... That s exactly what it is, Helen. Meet would be _stretnut_. It s based on _tahat_ draw, pull + _pri-_ close, near. _(Zemska) pritazlivost_ is
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 15, 2005
      > "Protiklady sa prit'ahuju"
      > lit.: Opposites meet
      > Is this the same as our "Opposites attract"?

      That's exactly what it is, Helen. "Meet" would be _stretnut_. It's
      based on _tahat_ "draw, pull" + _pri-_ "close, near." _(Zemska)
      pritazlivost_ is "('earth') gravity" (gravitational attraction of the

      > "minut' sa ciel'a/s ciel'om/uc~inku/uc~inkom"
      lit.: to change one's objective/result
      to not have the desired effect

      The literal rendition would be to "miss" (a target, goal). "Change"
      would be _zmenit_. _Minut_ = "miss, pass by; use up [usually:


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