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  • Helen Fedor
    Acc d to the _Vlastivedny slovnik..._ , Markovce was obtained ( dostal ) by a certain Marek ( isty Marek ) in 1300, even though the name was already attested
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2005
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      Acc'd to the _Vlastivedny slovnik..._ , Markovce was obtained ("dostal") by a certain Marek ("isty Marek") in 1300, even though the name was already attested as Marky in 1281.

      The entry for Mirkovce doesn't give any names from which the village name was derived.


      >>> Dans57@... 06/27/05 6:58 PM >>>
      Thanks for the reply on the difference in Markovce and Mirkovce. I
      wonder were these names made from someone who would have been important
      in the village or country and did adding the ovce on the end mean that
      it was a village or town. I'm thinking as we Americans might add the
      ending as ville on the end of a towns name. I'm not familiar with the
      Slovak language as you can see.

      Dan Almashy
      Danville , Va.



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