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"cesta", part III

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  • Helen Fedor
    je to na dobrej ceste lit.: it s on a good road it is in a fair way (to)... it s in the pipeline it s underway kliesnit si cestu lit.: to make one s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2005
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      "je to na dobrej ceste"
      lit.: it's on a good road
      it is in a fair way (to)...
      it's in the pipeline
      it's underway

      "kliesnit' si cestu"
      lit.: to make one's road
      1) to elbow one's way
      2) to overcome obstacles

      kliesnit' cestu (niec~omu); razit' cestu
      lit.: to make a road (to something); to clear a road
      to blaze a trail/path in...
      to pave the way for
      to prepare the ground
      to break fresh/new ground

      "niet inej cesty"
      there's no other way

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