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Re: [Slovak-World] Slovak Bridal Dance

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  • Joe Krall
    In the eastern dialect I learned, pal e was look . s~e is the same as sa. Look, the bestman is laughing Bili was white. My parents said tal ar for
    Message 1 of 35 , Jun 6, 2005
      In the eastern dialect I learned, pal'e was "look". s~e is the same as sa. "Look, the bestman is
      laughing" Bili was white. My parents said "tal'ar" for dollar, my fathers brother said "dul'ar".

      Joe K

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      Here's a long version of the bridal dance from Velke Zaluzice,
      right next door to Michalovce. You Eastern Slovaks will have to
      help fill in the dialect words and correct my embarrassing
      goofs! All together now:

      Redovi s~e zac~ina, kolac~ok s~e nad~cina.
      The redovi dance begins, the wedding cake is being cut.

      Nas~a mlada jak babka, zac~epila ju svatka.
      Our bride is like a doll (thanks Helen!),
      the svatka has put the married woman's cap on her.

      A kec svatka (a typo, something's missing), ta jej druz~ba
      And when the svatka ...., her druzba cannot.

      This one stumps me:

      Pal'e, druz~ba s~mieje s~e, bili tal'ar stoji s~e.
      ..?, the druzba laughs, ....?
      (Not a clue about "pal'e". )
      (Is "bili" dialect for "biely" white?)
      (Is "tal'ar" a coin, or is it "talar" a robe?)
      (If it means "white coin", does white here represent silver?)

      Bili, bili, bil'uc~ki, bo ma gambi cen~uc~ki.
      White, white, very white??, for he/she/it has very thin lips.
      (assuming bili = biely white)

      Nas~ mlada bars s~umna, druz~ba na n~u dzeku ma.
      Our bride is very lovely, the druzba desires her.
      (a glossary in this book gives "dzeku mat" = "mat vol'u")

      Predaj, druz~bo, guban~u, viber sebe jak pan~u.
      Druzba, sell your sheepskin coat, choose yourself a Lady (??).

      No l'em, druz~bo, pozachoc, budze tvoja pers~a noc.
      But druzba, only ...??, it'll be your first night (?).

      Nas~a mlada s~umna je, al'e n~erobotna je.
      Our bride is lovely, but not industrious.

      Nas~a mlada z Pol'anki, n~echcela jejs rezanki.
      Our bride is from Pol'anka,
      she didn't want to eat rezanki (thin strips of cooked dough).

      L'em bi jedla jabluc~ka, z~e bi bula cen~uc~ka.
      She only wants to eat apples, so she'll be nice and slender.

      Ej, mil'ena, mil'ena, c~om poscilka zburena?
      Hey, my sweetheart, my sweetheart, why is the bed all topsy

      Mac~ki mis~i lovil'i, ta poscilku zbural'i.
      The cats were chasing mice, they upset the bed.
      (grammarians: why is it "ta" and not "ti" or "tie"?
      Is "ta" nominative plural in dialect, or am I


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    • Helen Fedor
      Yes, here it s definitely a minted/struck thaler given by the senior druz~ba. H I thought of obity as referring to how the coin was made - to strike it, mint
      Message 35 of 35 , Jun 10, 2005
        Yes, here it's definitely a "minted/struck thaler" given by the senior druz~ba.


        I thought of obity as referring to how the coin was made - to
        strike it, mint it, beat it. Another version of the song to a
        different tune in the book has "bity" with the o- prefix, if that

        Nas~a bralta nas~a, vera n~e je nas~a,
        Eh, chto chce braltu maci, musi tal'ar daci.
        Tal'ara biteho, druz~bi najstars~eho,
        Ej, nas~a bralta nas~a, vera n~e je nas~a.
        Our bride, our (bride), she's really not ours,
        Hey, whoever wants the bride, has to give a thaler.
        A minted/struck thaler, of the senior druz~ba (?),
        Hey, our bride, she's really not ours.


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