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  • Martin Votruba
    ... Welcome back, Helen. Based on occasional police reports, most of the Chinese appear to be Chinese. That s new, spontaneous immigration after the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 1, 2005
      > are the "Chinese" really Vietnamese? Are the Vietnamese those
      > who were brought over under communism

      Welcome back, Helen. Based on occasional police reports, most of the
      "Chinese" appear to be Chinese. That's new, spontaneous immigration
      after the collapse of communism.

      As to the Vietnamese workers brought in by Prague under communism,
      although they did go through some training upon arrival, it was
      presented as "fraternal assistance" to communist Vietnam before it
      recovered from the war and attained full employment like the other
      communist countries. They made up for the shortage of people on the
      labor market in Czechoslovakia: the Vietnamese stayed for years.

      Under communism, everyone had to have a job by law and everyone was
      paid by the government. In effect, that meant that everyone had a
      job for life (unless s/he criticized the Communists), which created
      the shortage. Like everyone else, the Vietnamese were paid by the
      government -- based on agreements between Prague and Hanoi in the
      case of the Vietnamese.

      There was another, less numerous, group of people from Vietnam who
      were brought in to study for free in Slovak and Czech colleges.

      > Baked pigeons don't fly into anyone's mouth

      It means that you have to work in order to be able to eat, food
      (delicacies) will not just "fly in." A common rhymed saying with the
      same meaning is:

      Bez pra'ce nie su' kola'c~e.

      "Without work [there] are no kolache."


      votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
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