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Re: Re: [Slovak-World] Bush in Bratislava

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  • Joyce & Bill
    Hi, If you would like to read about the summit (and more) and see some (lots) great pictures of Slovakia go to: www.slovakiasummit.com Click on Free pictures
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 25, 2005
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      If you would like to read about the summit (and more) and see some (lots) great pictures of Slovakia go to:
      Click on Free pictures on the left of the page
      > Joyce
      P.S. I have been off line for a couple weeks due to moving and getting a new e-mail address, etc. Has there been any mention of when the Slovak films will start showing at Pitt?

      > From: Martin Votruba <votrubam@...>
      > Date: 2005/02/26 Sat AM 02:32:00 GMT
      > To: Slovak World <Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com>
      > Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Bush in Bratislava
      > Below is an edited report from Bratislava from today's (2/25) The
      > Times, London, a major conservative newspaper.
      > The event mentioned in the last paragraph came up in the Slovak
      > press, too, which said the secret policeman backed off when a foreign
      > TV crew began to film his attempt.
      > Incidentally, the report may provide some consolation to those
      > exasperated by the Slovakia-Slovenia mix-ups: the two countries
      > aren't alone. In the 3rd paragraph, the article mentions Bush's
      > speech in _Bucharest_. In the next paragraph, however, it identifies
      > the country where he gave the public speech as _Hungary_. The report
      > should have said Bucharest and _Romania_. George W. Bush never
      > visited Hungary.
      > Martin
      > votruba "at" pitt "dot" edu
      > x x x
      > Bullish President makes rare trip to meet real people
      > Bush's address to Slovak crowds gets mixed reception
      > Bratislava, Feb. 24 -- After meeting one monarch, thirty-one heads of
      > government, numerous commissioners and a secretary-general, President
      > Bush finally came face to face with an ordinary European yesterday.
      > [...]
      > But in Bratislava yesterday, during a break in the snow, he stepped
      > up to the podium in Hviezdoslavovo Square for a rare moment of
      > unfiltered face time with everyday punters.
      > It is only the third time in four years that Mr. Bush has submitted
      > himself to the public on his travels. And it is no coincidence that
      > the previous two venues -- Vilnius and Bucharest -- were also former
      > Soviet satellites and signed-up members of "New Europe", where Mr.
      > Bush's message of democracy has a special ring.
      > Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary are also small countries guaranteed
      > to give an American president a warm welcome. "Dobry den!" (Good
      > day) he said, drawing a huge cheer. "You are showing that a small
      > nation built on a big idea can spread liberty throughout the world...
      > You are friends, allies and brothers in the cause of freedom." [...]
      > Tomas Sivicek, 27, a civil servant, said that it was a chance to
      > witness a president making history. But Mr. Bush's reception was not
      > universally friendly: 200 yards from his podium, scores of noisy
      > protesters faced three lines of Slovak police, while a smaller group
      > managed to sneak within 100 yards of the President.
      > "We admire America but we are against the policies of George Bush,"
      > said Edward Chmelar. "America for us isn't George Bush, the Pentagon
      > and hamburgers. It is Martin Luther King and Hemingway." His friends
      > held aloft a banner picturing Mr. Bush and the words: "Wanted, for
      > crimes against our planet."
      > As Mr. Bush was cautioning that the days of the Velvet Revolution
      > were distant for some and that the younger generation must be taught
      > the lesson that freedom is precious, a plain-clothes Slovak policeman
      > tried to snatch the banner away. He failed.
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