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  • Caye Caswick
    Yeah, if I actually ever do go, I ll probably only visit gram s village on the last day and try not to be spotted -- hahahaha, I know that s impossible, but I
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 24, 2005
      Yeah, if I actually ever do go, I'll probably only
      visit gram's village on the last day and try not to be
      spotted -- hahahaha, I know that's impossible, but I
      really don't think I'd even enjoy much other than the
      church and it's records. Mountains, hiking -- nothing
      around a table of too much hospitality. Guess I'll
      keep looking at the photos and get the records from
      FHL -- I prefer being a loner.


      --- agp@... wrote:

      > As I am a recovering pijak, I had to face this
      > dilemma when I visited my
      > family in Bardejov. Using my best pidgin Slovak, and
      > holding my hand to my
      > chest, made it clear that I had a medical reason for
      > not imbibing. I did
      > have several glasses of a really great citrus soft
      > drink though.
      > My friend from England who went with me, however,
      > got to drink his share of
      > firewater, and mine too, for that matter. I
      > understand that he slept very
      > well that night!
      > Tony P
      > At 23:10 23/02/2005, David wrote:
      > >Caye: Sorry gal, but most Slovak families don't
      > take no for an answer. They
      > >keep pouring it as long as you drink it. Yes,
      > putting the glass upside down
      > >worked a little, but not always. Now, an
      > explanation that you are on
      > >certain medicines and you can't drink any slivavica
      > or whatever, does help.

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