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News Agency of the Slovak Republic

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  • Fred G Kovalyak
    I went looking for News on the earthquake today . This was all I could find on the tatra region. fgk ... __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? All
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      I went looking for News on the earthquake today .
      This was all I could find on the tatra region.

      > News Agency of the Slovak Republic
      > High Tatras, November 27 (TASR-SLOVAKIA)
      > - Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda said on Saturday
      > that he found the High Tatras in much better
      > condition this weekend than during his previous
      > visit last Sunday.
      > Dzurinda highlighted activities of the
      > citizens and institutions in removing damage that
      > Slovakia's most famous mountain range suffered due
      > to fierce winds a week ago.
      > He said he came to the High Tatras not
      > because of solving technical problems but to thank
      > firefighters, lumberjacks, road workers, crisis
      > management members and all who are taking part in
      > removing the damage.
      > Slovak PM was glad to see people
      > determined to overcome problems, cope with them as
      > well as to exploit new alternatives on behalf of the
      > High Tatras.
      > Dzurinda also met railworkers who are
      > clearing the blocked railway-track in High Tatras
      > nearby Stary Smokovec.
      > With respect to the discussion of
      > environmentalists and businessmen about broadening
      > the downhill slopes, Prime Minister said the prior
      > objective was to bring Tatras back to their shape.
      > Dzurinda also visited the Medical Centre
      > for Tuberculosis and Respiration Illnesses in Vysne
      > Hagy (also in the High Tatras), which was cut from
      > the outer world for more than 40 hours. In spite of
      > this, the centre worked without interrupting the
      > provision of medical services. The damage on the
      > building was estimated to Sk13 million (�330,000).

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