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Re: [Slovak-World] Name pronunciation

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  • Helen Fedor
    In Russian, the e is palatalized, i.e. softer (pronounced ye rather than just e ). Russian also has a hard e (much less widely used), but this
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 27, 2004
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      In Russian, the "e" is palatalized, i.e. "softer" (pronounced "ye"
      rather than just "e"). Russian also has a "hard" "e" (much less widely
      used), but this isn't it. When Russian is transliterated, i.e. when
      it's written in the Latin alphabet instead of in the Cyrillic alphabet,
      the "ye" is traditionally written as just plain "e" (unless you're using
      the BGN system and the "e" immediately follows another vowel). The 2
      "e's" are named, respectively, "ye" and "eh oborotnoye" (using the BGN

      Now aren't you sorry you asked, ;-)

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