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9837RE: [Slovak-World] A Great Slovak Genealogy Search Tip

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  • Gregory J Kopchak
    Aug 31, 2004

      Sounds like it is time to break out the Slovak-English

      Someone also emailed to be sure to copy the NAME not the
      underlying link connected to it.


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      Looks like I've got a few doctors and an ambassador in
      my family tree -- and found a few photos as well --
      thanks for that tip Greg. For those who speak and
      read Slovak -- you'll get a LOT more out of this than
      I even did.


      --- Gregory J Kopchak <greg@...> wrote:

      > Go to the Slovak Phone Directory
      > Type in your surname with standard English
      > characters
      > The phone search will display with Slovak
      > accented characters
      > Highlight the name and right click the
      > mouse to copy the name. Even if the name
      > doesn't display properly, still copy it.
      > Then go to Google.com and paste the name
      > with accented characters into the Google
      > search box.
      > If you never tried this before, you will
      > find family information that you never saw
      > before in your searches with the English
      > character set.
      > This will also work for village and town
      > names.
      > Let us know what new information you find.
      > We have a link to the Slovak Phone Search in
      > English at www.iarelative.com/web_find.htm
      > Greg Kopchak
      > It's All Relative

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