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9830A Great Slovak Genealogy Search Tip

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  • Gregory J Kopchak
    Aug 31, 2004
      Go to the Slovak Phone Directory

      Type in your surname with standard English

      The phone search will display with Slovak
      accented characters

      Highlight the name and right click the
      mouse to copy the name. Even if the name
      doesn't display properly, still copy it.

      Then go to Google.com and paste the name
      with accented characters into the Google
      search box.

      If you never tried this before, you will
      find family information that you never saw
      before in your searches with the English
      character set.

      This will also work for village and town

      Let us know what new information you find.

      We have a link to the Slovak Phone Search in
      English at www.iarelative.com/web_find.htm

      Greg Kopchak
      It's All Relative
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