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  • Gerald J. Sabo
    Aug 3, 2004
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      This morning the Bratislava and Trnava groups at the
      International Children's Games in Cleveland left John
      Carroll University where they had been housed and three of
      four sports competitions in which they participated
      Mr. Rudy Bachna of Kent, OH and Dudince, Slovakia Sister
      Cities was able before the games began to meet with all the
      adult and student athlete members of both city delegations
      and give them each a very large gift bag of various mementos
      from civic and Slovak organizations in the Northeast Ohio
      area. Among the gifts was a special T-shirt created by his
      brother with the word Slovensko on top of two shaking hands
      below which was USA. Security was quite tight, but we were
      able to contact them and attend their various competitions.
      I have been trying to find out various results of
      competitions, but all I know is that the young man from
      Bratislava placed third in the Long Jump, and girls from
      Bratislava won two golds and one silver in the swimming
      competitions. If and when I learn more results, I will post
      them. Mr. Bachna attended the opening and various evening
      ceremonies/celebrations in downtown Cleveland. Mr. Bachna
      also made all the adult members of the delegation Honorary
      Members of Kent-Dudince Sister Cities. We have photos with
      all of the delegation.
      An aunt and uncle of one young girl from Trnava who are
      from Florida but originally from Slovakia were able to meet
      with her before and throughout the games period. It was a
      great reunion. Also, the Trnava delegation had an older
      high-school age young man with them as their translator. He
      had spent his junior year of high school in Kentucky and is
      finalizing attending an university in Virginia.
      Jerry Sabo.