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8403Re: Fwd: TRIBUTE to America - song & words "God Bless the USA"

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  • yawho2001
    Jun 1, 2004
      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, capt jack <captjack00@y...>

      > Gee I would assume the price of oil is not set by Bush and his
      administration, but rather the Arabs.<

      Gee, you mean the Bush-bin Laden-Al Saud Arab menage a trois?

      >Then again, Since this war was "all about oil", why didnt we just
      take over the wells as you and other liberals predicted

      Unlike you and the rest of the regressives we didn't make stupid
      assumptions. Halliburton is making their billions and Bush's other
      oil buddies have their foot in the door. It's much too subtle a
      process for you to understand.

      >Could it be this war was not "about oil"??????<

      A highly unlikely premise.

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