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8342Re: Fwd: TRIBUTE to America - song & words "God Bless the USA"

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  • yawho2001
    May 31, 2004
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      At 09:58 PM 5/31/2004 -0400, you wrote:
      In a message dated 5/31/04 9:39:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

      >>We need another FDR who can charm and lie thru his teeth to get
      people to do what they should be doing.>>

      >now that is scary. FDR sold out our ancestral lands of Poland and
      Slovakia. think of someone else, anyone else.<

      People that think like you are scary. From the fascist point of view
      you may be correct. Many of the Nazis hoped that we would join them
      and move east to wipe out the CCCP. Pipe dream, as is your idea that
      Poland and Slovakia were sold out by FDR. The CCCP fought the Nazis
      for years before we landed in Europe. Their total casualties were
      about 20 million. Had they collapsed you might now be on the
      Thousand Year Reich's "untermensch" list as were all Slavs during the
      war. So we were supposed to turn on them and take over all the
      countries up to their border? Fat chance. How many Republicans in
      government and in the nation were pressing to continue the war to
      defeat our former ally? Perhaps Joe McCarthy might have been an
      advocate of that approach but then he was fighting his own demons.

      Do you think the UK and France would have gone along? The Brits
      dumped Churchill right after the war and many of the governments in
      Europe had strong socialist if not communist views at that time. Bush
      night have gone in alone (that is as long as he didn't have to
      actually fight) and would have run into the same situation Napoleon
      and the Nazis ran into. We didn't have nukes coming out of our ears
      at that time and would have had to go in occupy and force democracy
      upon them and the Chinese who very well may have joined the CCCP in
      the fight. Dream on.

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