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7900coupla research questions

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  • J. Michutka
    May 2, 2004
      Hi All,

      I have a couple of questions that have arisen as I've been looking at
      microfilmed records. One appears to be a notation of date of death,
      appended to marriage records. But the appended note is written very tiny
      in each case, so I'm not sure I'm reading all the letters correctly. eg a
      marriage record for a date in 1895, with a tiny note that appears to read
      "zemich zomrel 11.VI.1957" I assume this means that one of the marriage
      partners died on 11 June 1957, but which one? "zemich" is stumping me! Do
      I assume it's the groom, 'cause otherwise it'd be "zomrela"?

      Another marriage record in Village A, 1896, written out just like all the
      other marriage records, and in the notes column "civiliter copulati in
      <neighboring village B>"--the couple was married by civil law in the
      neighboring village B. I didn't even know that civil marriage was an
      option. Now I'm wondering how often people might have exercised that
      option; how many records am I missing seeing because they might have been
      registered at the gov't level, and not in the parish? Anyone know anything
      about this?

      Julie Michutka
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