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6346Re: [Slovak-World] Rehab for desktop

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  • Dr. Joe Q
    Jan 7, 2004
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      Reinstalling the programs sets up a new FAT (file
      allocation table). The various temporary files that
      Windows writes all over the hard drive are still there
      but the reinstalled operating system doesn't have to
      search through numerous entries in the FAT. So a
      reinstallation will usually run faster than the "old"
      system. Some programs are available that do a pretty
      good job in cleaning the clutter, System Mechanic and
      Norton Utilities (System Works), Clean Sweep (now
      packaged with Norton) are examples. You want a
      program that removes old unused and unneccessay files
      and also cleans the registery.

      As long as you have the data files (I use a Zip drive
      to actively duplicate all data files in real time), a
      reinstall only takes time, no data are lost, and if
      you're sitting through a snow storm, it gives you
      something to do.

      Remember there are only two kinds of people who use
      computers; those who have lost data and those who WILL
      loose data.

      Get a back up program for you data files. Go Back is
      very nice, but when you have a hard crash = the hard
      drive is destroyed because the head scratched the
      surface, GO Back won't work. There are companies that
      specialize in recovering data from physically damaged
      hard drives, but the cost is very high.

      Dr. "Q"

      --- Andrea Vangor <drav@...> wrote:
      > Yes indeed. I am glad that I had just cleaned out
      > my office closet and
      > remembered where the thing was. When you reboot
      > with a disk, you choose the
      > option where you do NOT reformat the drives, because
      > that would mean wiping
      > out all your saved information. So all my work was
      > intact, except various
      > programs and upgrades. I spent a lot of time
      > downloading upgrades from
      > Microsoft, restoring my anti-virus software, weather
      > monitoring program,
      > etc.
      > I must say that the computer is running much better
      > -- evidentally restoring
      > the Wiindows program has a rejuvenating effect!
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      > > If you cant even open windows, then you will need
      > a boot disc.
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      > > Jim

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