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  • amiak27
    Jan 1, 2004

      I had to say SOMETHING nice about Anchorage, and this "it is only 1/2
      hour form Alaska" is the nicest thing about the city - and the city
      is a whole lot nicer today than when I lived here in the mid '70's!

      Anchorage is a nice place, only it is not Alaska. It even has moose
      on the ski and bicycle trails, resident black bears, wolf packs
      within the city limits, and can even claim to be the only US city
      with resident brown bears.

      With all of that, it is NOT Alaska. However, you can drive to the
      city limits and hike into wilderness or fly off in any direction the
      1/2 hour, and you are in true wilderness and true Alaska. When I go
      out in the villages I am "just another white guy from Anchorage"
      until I establish my Alaskan credentials by mentioning I lived in
      Fairbanks for 15 years and worked & lived in the bush a lot. That
      tells people that I may live in the vicinity of Anchorage, but I know

      Would you expect someone from New York City to be able to understand
      or explain the rest of the USA? My answer is no, and up here the
      difference between Anchorage and Alaska is even more extreme.

      Now to read the other posts and see what else came up in topic...
      actually, it is really nice being at home in Alaska and perfectly
      comfortable in Europe - it is the best of both worlds!


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      > Anchorage is only 1/2 hour from Alaska in any
      > direction.
      > ??????????????????????????????
      > JIm
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