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6307Re: [Slovak-World] Re: New Year's festives

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  • Jan Lan
    Jan 1, 2004
      At 04:13 PM 1/1/2004 +00-03, you wrote:
      >Perhaps it means..Anchorage is only a 1/2 hour from any Alaskan in any
      >direction. But then again, I would think it would take more then an hour to
      >travel across Alaska. Probably by plane.
      >What is it Ron? Happy new year to you and your Eskimo Slovak Rusyn friends.
      >Dave Kuchta

      I believe Ron means that Anchorage is a city and not the beautiful, natural
      Alaska that most people admire. Driving 20 miles in any direction will get
      you out of Anchorage and into the Alaska of great scenery, small towns, and
      away from the wild life in the city and near the natural wild life. Then
      again, I could be wrong. ;-)

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