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5712Byzantine Chant of Christmas in English

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  • Gregory J Kopchak
    Nov 5, 2003
      We've come across an unusual CD in English.

      I will be placing an order on Monday.

      If anyone would like a copy, email greg@...
      by Monday morning and we will add it to our order.

      Cost will be $14.99, postpaid.

      I think if the group gets enough exposure for the
      CD they will have a very successful recording.

      Make Ready O Bethlehem

      The Byzantine Chants of Christmas sung in English by

      The CD features the Chants of the Orthodox Church and
      Eastern Catholic Rites celebrating the Feast of the
      Nativity of Our Lord. These are not the standard Koledy,
      Schedrivky and Carols of Ukraine, Russia, and Slovakia
      but the sacred music chant of the Feast of the Nativity.

      In the tradition of the Eastern Christiam Churches
      all chants are sung a Capella.

      Chants on the CD are:

      Let Us Go Before All Nations - Tone 1

      Behold the Time of Our Salvation Aproacheth - Tone 8

      Make Ready O Bethlehem - Tone 4

      Christ is Born - Tone 1

      More Honorable - Tone 1

      Magnify O My Soul - Tone 1

      The Virgin Cometh Today - Tone 3

      The Gospel of the Third Hour - Luke 2:1-20

      Thy Nativity, O Christ Our God - Tone 4

      From My Youth Up - Tone 4

      From the Womb - Tone 4

      Today All Creatures - Tone 2

      9th Odes of Both Nativity Canons - Tone 1

      Our Savior Hath Visited Us Today - Tone 3

      Let Everything That Hath Breathe - Tone 4

      Come Let Us Praise the Mother - Tone 4

      When It Was Time - Tone 6

      As Many As Have Been Baptized - Tone 1

      The Shepherds Hastened - Tone 8

      Today All the Angels - Tone 6

      Make Ready O Bethlehem stands solidly within the
      pattern of Traditional Byzantine Chant -- robust, tasteful,
      uplifting, powerful, inspiring; including a variety of
      choral and solo chanting with (sometimes layered) eson.

      The Anaphora Byzantine singers are a group of young chanters
      at St. Mary Antiochian Orthodox Church in Omaha, Nebraska
      (male and female), along with Rev. Father Michael Shanbour,
      pastor of Ss. Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church in
      Topeka, Kansas.

      Greg Kopchak
      It's All Relative