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5415RE: [Slovak-World] OT- Our military? Slovak troops are there 2.

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  • Jan Lan
    Oct 4, 2003
      At 07:50 AM 10/3/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >Anyone know how many Slovak troops are actually in Iraq? I thought they
      >were part of a combined Czech & Slovak biochemical advance unit originally
      >said to number 16. Has it in fact grown?

      BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, 1 August 03 (AP)--

      Over 60 Slovak military engineers have left for Iraq to help in demining
      efforts there, the Defense Ministry said Friday.

      Slovakia agreed to deploy 85 military engineers to Iraq. The soldiers were
      flying to Kuwait and from there Al Hillah, south of Baghdad. The Slovak
      troops will be under Polish command.

      The deployments began Monday and were expected to be completed Friday.

      During the war in Iraq, this former communist country of 5.4 million
      supported the U.S.-led coalition and sent an anti-chemical unit to KUWAIT.

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