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5400Trip to Slovakia

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  • Dan Kisha
    Oct 4, 2003
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      Slovak World Family:

      Traveling to Slovakia about mid November to just before Christmas.
      If you would like something special from Slovakia or to have
      something done in Slovakia, I will be happy to do it for you, if I

      Started a new web site for the Slovak Import Company, but it was
      destroyed. Starting another one very soon, and hopefully it will
      be up and running before Christmas. In the meantime, my old web
      site is still running, which needs to updated, and the web site at
      Ebay will be expanded to include everything I have on hand and
      many new products from Slovakia.

      Have not been very active on Slovak World, but have been lurking,
      and responding to those people individually if I have some
      information to offer.

      I think we finally have a procedure with the Slovak post office
      for any goods that are damaged during shipment to you from
      Slovakia. Fragile products shipped from the US are sent UPS and
      are automatically insured. The procedure is to take the damaged
      item to the US post office and show the damaged item in the box
      that it was shipped in. I will email you the receipt for the
      shipment which will show the item cost, shipping cost, and the
      insurance information. They will give you a form to fill out for
      a refund. Although our damaged incidence is very low, it probably
      cannot be eliminated because of damage caused by vibrations during

      Would like to urge all of you to send a Easter or a Christmas
      basket this year, if you can. More than ever, Americans need to
      show to their Slovak friends and family that we are thinking of
      them and that we care.

      I thank you for your continued support.

      Dan Kisha daniel.kisha@...
      Slovak Import Company
      WWW Address: http://pages.prodigy.net/daniel.kisha
      Ebay WWW Address:
      Phone number in Slovakia: 421 (0)43 428 3168
      Phone number in the US: 410 273 1149
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